BlockFi possibly insolvent due to FTX US acquisition -- PONZI SCAM? BEWARE

BlockFi was “bailed out” with a $400m line of credit in 2022 by FTX US, and it has come to light that FTX is the biggest ponzi scheme the world has ever seen… Please be advised to NOT DEPOSIT into your blockfi account, they will still let you! VoskCoin does not recommend, endorse, or trust BlockFi in the slightest anymore – this is a huge negative impact to VoskCoin, our team, and me personally…

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The righting was on the wall, I personally though they were going to pull that though.
Sorry if you got affected from this personally
I was touched, but I’m still believing on the space!

Companies should use user’s money without taking huge risks, small interest rates are better than whole stuff gone poof

latest blockfi update…

my 180ct feelings…

They should post proof of liquidity vs wallets and vs interest accounts.

I pulled everything out of BlockFi when their rates dropped. Sometimes it’s easy to tell that you can’t trust someone.

I used BlockFi two years ago with a loan against my coin. When I funded them initially the money was almost instant in nature. When the market dropped the money took days to post to collateral causing a liquidation of some of my assets. I should have sued them. But I just took my money out. Very scammy even in the beginning.

I used your affiliate URL link for BlockFi and made interest for a few months there. Had a Visa card there too making btc. Also, I joined Celsius and I think it was bitboy saying you earn interest there. Also, did Gemini and had thousands in all 3 of those. Late last year, however, I started listening to the “Trader University” channel guy and he kept saying not your keys, not your coins. So, I pulled all my crypto out of Blockfi, Celsius and Gemini and put it all on a trezor. wow, I guess it was right? I debated myself at the time. I make no interest money on a trezor?!?!? what are I doing? am I stupid? ughgh, but, it was safer to hold there, I guess? maybe, the trader university guy was right? idk

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chapter 11 bankruptcy…doing business with criminals is a no-win situation