Braiins vs Luxor - Error Rates and Rewards

I’ve also had quite high reject rates on Luxor on a bunch of different algo’s not just bitcoin.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Luxor just paid out two days at once. Idk, feels kind of like when pega had issues paying. Not saying luxor will go under by any means, but annoying. I’m looking at roughly 1% rejection at luxor and .1% at braiins.

Granted the payout is the payout, so if they’re still about the same then what’s the diff. I’ve gotten nowhere on the custom firmware, unfortunately.

have you tried hiveos?


As in the actual OS or the mining pool? I used their pool and software with ETH mining, but I have not used them with any ASICs.

hiveon asic firmware, was checking into hosting s19k & they recommend hive; i use braiins thx

Let us know if you try HIVE.

@ShredZ Where did you input the license key? I’m using the linux version of their command software, but when I click about and then license nothing happens. Maybe I’m being really dumb and missing something, idk. Their support takes a week to respond to any questions.

Mine on windows, a box pops up to enter the license key, but as mentioned it doesn’t work. The SD install I think is fine especially as it’s easy to revert back to stock Bitmain firmware, although I guess it’s probably painful to do that with immersion cooling…

I’ve got AML boards as well.

As I further contemplate moving to braiins’ pool. Here is the latest data. I pulled a few days out because I was trying custom firmware and the numbers were all messed up.


date reward_mining
2024-01-14 0.00057016
2024-01-15 0.00051953
2024-01-16 0.00051186
2024-01-17 0.000515
2024-01-18 0.00051342
2024-01-19 0.00050049
2024-01-20 0.00049717
2024-01-21 0.00050668
2024-01-22 0.0005064
2024-01-23 0.00051333
2024-01-24 0.00048827
2024-01-25 0.00049645
2024-01-26 0.00050022
2024-01-27 0.00049403
2024-01-28 0.00049479
2024-01-29 0.00049583
2024-02-03 0.00050162
2024-02-04 0.00047432
2024-02-05 0.00046947
2024-02-06 0.00046176
2024-02-07 0.00046727
2024-02-08 0.00046741
2024-02-09 0.00046401
2024-02-10 0.00046236
2024-02-11 0.00045414
2024-02-12 0.00045857
2024-02-13 0.00046267
2024-02-14 0.00046085
2024-02-15 0.00044456
2024-02-16 0.00042264
2024-02-17 0.00041798
Total 0.01501326


date revenue (BTC)
02/17/2024 0.0004099
02/16/2024 0.00041691
02/15/2024 0.0004502
02/14/2024 0.00045452
02/13/2024 0.0004666
02/12/2024 0.00045669
02/11/2024 0.00044876
02/10/2024 0.00045192
02/09/2024 0.00045292
02/08/2024 0.00046453
02/07/2024 0.00046072
02/06/2024 0.00046383
02/05/2024 0.00046693
02/04/2024 0.00050684
02/03/2024 0.00047456
01/29/2024 0.0005003
01/28/2024 0.00048846
01/27/2024 0.00049377
01/26/2024 0.00048579
01/25/2024 0.00049241
01/24/2024 0.00049827
01/23/2024 0.00050269
01/22/2024 0.00050242
01/21/2024 0.00050763
01/20/2024 0.00049727
01/19/2024 0.00049498
01/18/2024 0.00050461
01/17/2024 0.00052309
01/16/2024 0.00051888
01/15/2024 0.00055405
01/14/2024 0.00053587
Total 0.01494632

About a 0.4% Difference in favor of Braiins.

I ended up switching everything over to braiins. Rewards are about the same, I’m familiar with their api, they were quite responsive to me when reaching out regarding their firmware even though it had issues with my machine for some reason.

I reached out to luxor to get their license key and they gave it to me, but it took many days for a response. Their installation software has a bug or something and it is impossible for me to install the key. I asked about this and never received a response (a week or more ago).

Between these things, I decided to put everything at braiins. I don’t really get much out of custom firmware with the s19xp units, so I’ll be leaving them with stock FW for now. I’ll maybe revisit this AFTER the halving if I find a need to, but with the experience I had I’d like to keep the miners working as they have been to get the most rewards over the next couple months. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I’m sorry i cannot be everywhere (particularly forums), its one reason I’m not active in social media. You could have asked in Bitcointalk or Telegram Braiins support…

You made a fuzz over nothing. That warning, is perfectly normal. I know, people are traumatized by other FW, because all other fw (including stock) won’t show things unless something is already badly broken. Not Braiins OS. Why? Braiins wrote their own mining software, the very thing that is talking to the asic chips directly, others didn’t.

The moment someone takes any GPL software, does a modification and publicly distributes it, is in the obligation to release the source code with those modifications. Failing to do so is a breach of the software license and TERMINATES any rights to use and redistribute it, continuing to do so is copyright infringement. So its as if you went to a Chinese vendor and purchase PCs with pirate windows pre-installed. Can you imagine American public traded companies doing that? And yet they happily buy Chinese asic miners oblivious? to this fact…

Here is the thing: since only Braiins is known to have written their own mining software cleanly from scratch, the very thing that talks directly to the hardware at its lowest level; it will do and display things differently than everybody else that is incapable to write the own and just add their crud on top of it.

Shocking i know, the asic mining industry is being run mostly by pirate software. Vnish infamously thinks that since “everyone does it, so can he”. However there are two legit mining software used in ASICs today: one is cgminer and the other is bosminer. The first made by Con Kolivas and Kano (check Bitcointalk) and the other by Braiins. “Others” incapable of writing their own mining software cleanly from scratch, can only make things worse. That’s the sad truth of 3rd party firmware, so yes, you are scared that 3rd party firmware damages your miner, but just as there is Bitcoin and there are “altcoins”, there is also Braiins and there are “others”.

I told this to Vnish directly: “You are not competition until you write your own mining software”, and the same applies to everybody else. Pirating software is not competing, cracked windows is not competing with Microsoft, Linux (eg. Android) is. Over the years, nobody else wrote their own independent asic mining firmware, because that would take actual work and development, which is what Braiins did…

Well you are right on being scared, except it doesn’t apply to Braiins, but to everybody else. They don’t care about your miner like Braiins does. When Braiins OS sees anything slightly suspicious, it drops the hashboard and won’t use it. This way it never causes harm. The others? What do they care? Run it until it burns mindset. Only when something is badly broken is when you get a message. This is the opposite mindset of what Braiins does, because only Braiins care about miner longevity and CAN do something about it (wrote their own mining software, thus KNOWS what the HW is doing).

HW Error rates are meh. Check what the pool is measuring as your hashrate, and more importantly, check how many sats you get in your own wallet. Pools and firmware can fake stats, but only your own non custodial wallet will have the truth. Stock fw can often give perfect zero errors, but at what cost? It wastes more power for a reason.

GPU miners have known for VERY LONG that HW errors are meh. You just don’t want to have such a high error rate that significantly diminish the hashrate, but if you are looking at the Braiins miner dashboard and see the error rate isn’t even measured in GH/s, why do you even care? Its just harmless stats, exactly like the CRC thing. About that, well Bitmain design isn’t stellar, those ribbon data cables can take EMI easily producing CRC errors which in turn cause a retransmit (from hashboard to control board), which is not a big deal. Maybe if the wires were shielded, they would have less CRC errors, but that would increase miner cost like $1, how can Bitmain afford that lol.

While XP with Braiins OS is already producing quite good results (i have data of people doing 18~19 W/T), the next release expected in March is going to give a big surprise in tuning improvements to the BM1366 chip family, with even further improvements planned ahead. Braiins has shown time and time again that can do things beyond what the manufacturer expects, and what can 3rd party modders (who are in turn leeching stock fw) do? very little, because they were too lazy to write their own mining software, and are full of lies and empty promises, never delivering. “Smokes & Mirrors” someone said…

PS: Yes I’m aware there are some few exceptions out there that use open source mining software and comply with its license, such as Geckoscience’s “usb asics” line (check Bitcointalk).

@Artemis3 I think you missed the entire issue I was having. The dash and system was completely unstable (constantly crashing and restarting) with gaps in data etc… I was even told by support my miner was/is faulty and they apologized out of sympathy. It hashes just fine on stock fw with no anomolies. The stock power rating was used and even dropped down to 2500W as suggested by support. Support suggested I wait for an update in the firmware and try when there is a new release.

Well that sounds like an undetected variant, which may be resolved in the next release. Seen with some K Pro for example. However, that means nothing is done to your miner, if it is undetected it simply won’t use it. The graph crashing is probably because it can’t take any data out of the hashboards.

@Artemis3 It constantly shows this on all hashboards (error rate varies, but extremely high).

WARN bosminer_backend::metrics: Event “crc_uart_rx” on hashboard 2 happend 50.8 times a second (limit is 4.0)

Just ignore it if its hashing anyway. bosminer can produce lots of WARNings that are inconsequential. What you don’t want is ERROR, but INFO and WARN can usually be ignored.

@Artemis3 It wasn’t hashing but very very minimally. Again, gaps in the data, bos saying not available in the gui and then it would come and go with that notification.

The support file is needed to see whats going on, its best you open a support ticket and send it there.

@Artemis3 That was already done. This is when I was told my miner was bad and once I showed them it didn’t have any issues on stock fw then they told me to wait for the next fw update to see if it works then.