Chaos motherboard Repair&Sales shop

Chaos motherboard Repair & Sales shop

About me.
Hello I’m Chaos, I’ve been apart of the VoskCoin community for 3 months. From day one I knew it was a great community with people active in the chat and always ready to help. I’ve built my first rig a few week after joining the discord. Currently residing in NY

I have 1 year and 2 months experience fixing motherboards. Why only motherboards? For me personally this is the only thing I really had fun fixing and I enjoy doing so.

What can I do?
I can fix dead motherboards and bring them back to working order again.

Now how much do these services cost?
My services are cheap, they will never exceed the value or equal the cost to get a used one.
(dm for quote)
If you noticed the “Sales” part in the title I also sell motherboard too.
If you decide the motherboard isn’t worth fixing or if you don’t want to procced with fixing it. You can send it to me and I would give the value its worth (Salvage) Off the price of buying a board off me.


Current stock (Updated accordingly)



pretty cool service, especially for miners focused on ROI

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