Equihub. Multicoin. Loyalty Program! Shared&Solo!

Hello everybody!

Want to introduce our pool and features!

For now we operate Equihash coins SNOWGEM, ZERO, YCASH, ZELCASH, ZCLASSIC, SAFECOIN, will be added soon Pirate Chain!

In 2020 other algorithms will be added! Let us know what coins you would like to see on pool!


:small_blue_diamond:LOYALTY PROGRAM! :new:
:small_blue_diamond: Dedicated Stratum/Payment servers, High Availability, Multi-Server
:small_blue_diamond: :flag_de: EU (Germany), :flag_fr: EU (France), :flag_us: US (NewYork), :cn: ASIA (Singapore) stratum servers
:small_blue_diamond: Live support: https://discord.gg/CkbPGxs
:small_blue_diamond: Beautifully crafted theme, mobile first, responsive, lite and clean
:small_blue_diamond: VarDiff enabled with Low and High diff ports
:small_blue_diamond: HTTPS site and SSL stratum
:small_blue_diamond: PPLNT-E share system / SOLO
:small_blue_diamond: Payout threshold : from 0.1 coin
:small_blue_diamond: Custom Payouts :heavy_dollar_sign:
:small_blue_diamond: Fast Payouts: Every :five: - :keycap_ten: minutes
:small_blue_diamond: Pool Fee: 1%
:small_blue_diamond: Network & Pool & Miner history, averages, period selectors
:small_blue_diamond: Payout History, Blocks found chart history - ever wondered when a block is found related to the network difficulty ? here you have it
:small_blue_diamond: Small fingerprint (charts load only new delta points)
:small_blue_diamond: Search on steroids - live wallets results as you type, highlighted, case insensitive, any position of the searched text matching
:small_blue_diamond: API access with tons of unique stats
:small_blue_diamond: MiningRigRentals support: :white_check_mark:
:small_blue_diamond: Solo mining support: :white_check_mark:
:small_blue_diamond: Telegram BOT https://t.me/EquiHubBot

How does Loyalty program works when active!? Better to watch once! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgLQngIclbM


Pirate Chain added on pool! Enjoy mining with Loyalty Program! 10% extra payments daily for constant miners! https://arrr.equihub.pro/ Pirate Chain price flew so high today!

Screenshot_2020-08-19 EquiHub Pool