Goldshell KD5 minig pool/wallet/hardware

Hey everyone,

Anyone can please explain what happened on KD5 profits, just a week ago we seen €2k+ profits versus today €600. Is anyone on here mining kda? What asic you running and if it is not aa big deal share your profits, what pool and wallet you use. I have KD5 pre order early October.

Well you realize that the coin price went down right? So the profit will fluctuate with coin price drops or increases

does that mean when the coin price is going up again, that also the amount of mined coins will rise again?

Coin price is on top, fraction of penies up and down

Sometimes mining difficulties rise, add that too coin reduction in price, maybe?



Is anyone still mining on Tensority for Bytom with a B7? If so what is your daily production please. Websites like Asicminer and cryptominer are showing $30 per day but I am finding information directly from supplier showing $2 per day?