Innosilicon A10 doesn't connect to


I’m trying to connect my A10 to For some reason the A10 won’t connect to this pool, but it worked for me with Poolin. Does anyone know what the problem is?


URL: stratum+tcp://
Worker: ETH wallet address
Password: 123 or x

maybe it has something to do with your location I think they have different pool locations on ethermine maybe you are trying to join the wrong one

@tjong I’m no expert but it might be to do with your port. The 4444 port is not secure but I think when you use the stratum+tcp:// you are trying to connect through the secure port which requires a port number of 5555.

They may require a worker name. Try ETHaddress.workername

We may all be wrong - have a look at this thread which indicates that you can’t connect to Ethermine at all: Innosilicon a10 500Mh review

I’ll try that thanks!

Looks like it’s impossible indeed, thanks for the heads up!