Introducing xSigma DeFi

Despite the enormous potential offered by defi, its protocols remain notoriously tricky to use. A range of hazards and underlying risks prevent DeFi from reaching its true potential of open access and financial inclusion worldwide. xSigma DeFi is a stablecoin DEX designed to solve the main problems that plague current defi AMMs.

If you’ve interacted with a defi platform or protocol this year, you’ve likely been impressed by the capabilities of this transformative technology. But we’ll wager you’ve also been frustrated by UX issues, stuck transactions, impermanent loss and many other defi pain points that the industry has yet to solve.

There are so many moving parts in defi, and so many different ways of interacting with base layer protocols that it’s extremely difficult to master this fast-changing landscape that exists in a state of flux. Unless you have years of experience and an advanced coding background, overcoming defi’s many obstacles is a serious challenge.

Curve is fiendishly baffling to use; successors like Swerve are overseen by anon founders whose long-term commitment is impossible to gauge; Uniswap pooling is prone to impermanent loss on all but the most stable and liquid pairs; the list goes on. It’s clear that there’s a pressing need for a defi token swapping solution that can incorporate the best elements of these protocols while overcoming the problems that have undermined their utility.

Stablecoins have emerged as one of the largest markets in the cryptocurrency industry, providing investors with immediate liquidity, price stability and redeemability. By November 2020, the combined market capitalization of all stablecoins was over $24 billion. Hundreds of millions worth of stablecoins are exchanged each day — a figure that is expected to rise steadily as we enter the next phase of global adoption.

Despite the inherent benefits offered by stablecoins, the exchange market is dominated by a few big players. Curve’s dominant position has allowed it to get away with offering a poor user experience, opaque token distribution and complex governance and farming systems.

xSigma DeFi was developed by xSigma Lab, a subsidiary of NASDAQ-traded company ZK International (Nasdaq: ZKIN). NASDAQ listing guarantees the transparency of the xSigma DeFi team.

The product of intensive research and development, xSigma is a DEX that’s been designed to capture the true value of decentralized finance, incentivizing participation while minimizing risk for liquidity providers and traders alike.

xSigma is building a stablecoin exchange from the user side, not the developer side. Through its proven technologies, the xSigma platform prioritizes user experience by offering a simplified interface that appeals to both crypto veterans and new traders. xSigma’s team is implementing new innovations in the stablecoin exchange market, including a revamped reward structure. The platform will burn SIG tokens with exchange fees, effectively pushing up demand for the governance token while also capping supply in the same manner as Bitcoin’s 21 million-unit hard cap.

Why xSigma DeFi?
Creating a best-in-class DEX isn’t simply about having the best tech. The solution that prevails, in the long run, will combine outstanding technology with a team, timeline, backers, and vision of equal caliber.

Built by a trusted publicly traded company and implemented by an experienced and passionate defi team, xSigma DeFi approaches the DEX challenge from a fresh perspective. It provides a user-friendly DEX for stablecoin swapping with a simple system for farming, governance, and account management.

With 100 million investors from NASDAQ yet to enter defi and gain exposure to its many possibilities, we’re bullish on the future of this burgeoning crypto vertical — as we are on our ability to onboard this lucrative market. Thanks to our ties with traditional fintech, coupled with our deep knowledge of the defi space, we’re confident that in xSigma DeFi we can deliver a solution that combines the best of both worlds: the trustless, non-custodial design of defi coupled with the UI and functionality of trad-fi.

We look forward to sharing more details about how xSigma DeFi will revolutionize decentralized finance. Join the whitelist to get an early start on the defi revolution and be sure to follow us for more details.

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