Is VoskCoin actually the best Crypto YouTube channel?!

Thanks for everything Vosk. I don’t have a twitter! Nooooo!


…if you’re feeling generous! I’ll send a pic of my doge

I watch Voskcoin like on a daily lol I love your stuff man u do awsome your straight up and honest about everything. Keep it up


Hello, I’m the Purple Heart disabled veteran that was scammed, , we neee do to exspsose these crooks and scammer ,

0xe69717002EB0f96Ae199D1E7a8a9c6E270D4baFE VOSKCOIN ALL DAY BABY!

Thanks for everything Vosk!

Oh yeah Voskcoin. Great work

0x9203AD689BE9276083CF4D0CC47025270408a2f3 I’m here from the Livestream!!! Love it man




Yes it is!!!

I’M HERE from live YouTube! Yay!

Dude no doubt who has the best channel. I’m new to all this and learned a TON from you! THANKS.

My son’s named YOSHI.

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Growth / rAAVE discord server - giveaway .1 ETH drop ETH address and you came from VoskCoin :smiley:

man im trying my ether adress is 0x1AfF1A7Ed1B034c010cBFBaa24ac36d014fD5195 im a purple heart vet that was scmmed , please help hummanity, ill give i swaer on my kids ill send some one a 10k black opal, I have a real llc , since covid i cant seem to sell any, but id trade ,

Best Crypto Youtube Channel :+1:

thanks for all of this!!

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Some crazy shenanigans!

Thanks Vosk!