🔥 Llist for 11/26/2021 ++ 2 KD for 11 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

26th, Nov 2021

---SHA256 BTC/BCH/BSV---

New A1166pro 81T US$5,886
New A1246 85T US$7,059
New T19 84T US$9,308
New T19 88T US$9,741
New S19 95T US$11,903
New S19J PRO 96T US$11,765
New S19J PRO 100T US$12,855
New S19J PRO 104T US$13,305
New S19J PRO 110T US$13,893
Used A1066 50T US$2,595
Used A1066 55T US$2,855
Used S17PRO 59T US$2,697
Used M20s 65T US$4,736
Used M20s 72T US$5,246
Used S19 95T MOQ:5PCS US$8,829


New mini-doge US$841
Used L3+ Free PSU US$952
Used L3+ used APW3 1600w US$1,000
Used L3+ New APW7 1800w US$1,032
Refurbished L3+ US$1,056
Refurbished L3+ used APW3 1600w US$1,106
Refurbished L3+ New APW7 1800w US$1,190
Pre-order L7 9160M November US$25,290
Pre-order L7 9160M December US$23,549

---X11 Dash---
New D7 1157G US$11,557

---Blake 2S KDA---


New KD BOX US$6,340 (2 for 11k) today only UPDATED PRICE CHANGE


New KD5 US$69,421
New K1+ US$38,450

---Blake2B+SHA3 HNS---

New HS5 US$7,997
New HS BOX 235G US$796

---Eaglesong CKB---

New CK Box no PSU US$934
Pre-order CK5 US$9,170

---Ethash ETH/ETC/ETP---

Used A10PRO 5G 500mh US$6,575
Used A10PRO 6G 500mh US$7,959
Used A10PRO 6G 720mh US$11,092
Used A10PRO 7G 720mh US$12,822
Used A10PRO 8G 720mh US$13,495
Pre-order A11 US$32,008

---Equihash ZEC/VDL/KMD---

Used Z15 420K free PSU US$8,371


**FHR Brand New GPUs**

MSI 3090 US$2,933
ASUS 3090 ROG Strix OC US$3,100
Gigabyte 3090 US$2,983
Zotac 3090 Trinity US$2,833
Gigabyte 3080box US$2,467
ASUS 3070 US$1,683
Gigabyte 3070 US$1,683
Gigabyte 3060 US$1,100
nvidia A4000 US$1,367
MSI 2060S NO box US$842
Colorful 2060s US$833
Galax 2060s US$825
Gainward 2060s US$800
Galax 50hx MOQ:8PCS US$1,017
Gigabyte 6900xt US$1,598
ASUS TUF 6900XT US$1,517
ASUS 6700XT US$1,083
Gigabyte 6700XT US$1,000
Sapphire 6600xt US$633
Gigabyte 590 8g US$633
Gigabyte 6600 US$592
MSI 6600 US$592
ASUS 2060 US$608
Gigabyte 1660s Ventus US$608
Gigabyte 1660s US$600

  • Prices are what they are… without ship. i do this for donation and review !
  • thank you

if ya CANT FIND it… msg me here… or try 706-394-2332 lol…
ty. and hope everyone had a great turkey day :turkey: :turkey:

So it turns out this guy “MASTER3004” like every other person who is trying to sell miners feels again like a scam. A little about me we were running “1500 D3s in 2019 that never had an ROI” After a week of trying to contact Master3004 I gave him my info requested a legitimate invoice he refused. His response like every other Seller is just send me the Crypto as I am doing this for donation “RIGHT”. This needs to be a wake-up call for scammers YOU need to stop scamming people for their hard-earned money. Anyone can but from Bitmain, it is a pain in the ass, and regardless of what price you pay YOU WILL PAY 20%-25% in duties delivered to the US so build it into your ROI. We ship miners from Bitmain both UPS FedEx and DHL and the landed price always varies. Every time I think I am going to save a few bucks or get a miner that is currently out of stock IT IS A SCAM…Brett

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@Master3004 for comment?

Also I wanted to add this is a $69,465.00 dollar order who does business this way???

Ordered from him today… spoke with him on the phone for 15 minutes and got an invoice.

Then I truly hope this was just a fluke.


DO what >… like i sai… i do this for donation… when someone say s I HAVE TO TAKE this as payment… thats where the line stops… and i dont have to do anything and u can find someone else… THERE ARE NO VATS IN THE USA. if you knew what you were doing then you would know that… and i of all people need anyones money the LEAST , especialy when making half a mil a month… i could care less when being told what to do when trying to help… AND when u get a DHL EXPRESS import export account , and a ups freight account, and a Certificate of authorization to export 2nd hand bitmain miners, THEN u can come holla at me… otherwise … go elsewhere

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-12 at 10.03.47 AM.jpeg

dont hate cuz i told someone i dont get told how im going to take a payment… because im not

and that topic is over

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and WHAT 70 000$ order
i do this alone… get 100s of calls a day …

i did… noone else commenting now ?


AND u should really show screenshots of that kinda statements… cuz i will say either Prefer crypto or ONLY TAKING CRYPTO for certain reasons !


You could learn to be polite and for gods sake turn on spell check…

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for what ?" remind me with a screenshot of the entire conversation Please … @BrettVinsant
on a 70,000 order. its CRYPTO or wire transfer anyways. and if someone is polite enough like some. i even accept credit cards like the last 45,000$ order LOL… .still waiting on your reply … no offense

and u BETTER have proof for saying something like that about me… thats for sure. but wont, and never will have. plain and simple. . have a nice day

i will answer that for ya

i see lie after lie… i like that 70,000$ order of a single s19 lol… now… would you like to rephrase your comments ?

i got nothinbg else to say… have a good one

Steven, Go back in the chain I asked for MOQ 5 units s19j 110pros delivered to Portland Oregon gave my address and personal phone number. All I asked for today “By Text Message” was an Invoice you asked for payment method I said for legitimacy reasons bank transfer… and you blew a cork. And yes when you move anything over $15k the IRS wakes so when we do our bookkeeping “15 year old company” and submit it to the IRS they want to know Who When and Where welcome to doing business in the US. h

and thats all i have … but u can show the rest…like i said i do this alone with dozens a day… u said u asked for this . go ahead and post it. remind me … when im putting up my time to help others from NOT being scammed. and then get told i gota do wire xfer, who wouldnt… especaily because i dont have to . and i asked how youd be paiying. to finish invoice . the last thing i need is to be told i have to accept a payment… which i dont. and no point of posting degrading and defaming things aboujt someone jsut because they wont sell to you. like i said… i dont have to accept anyone . becauswe i do this to help. not for money. but when i do it might as well ask for something. which 80% of people dont do anyways !. and if you would have said youd LIke to use that payment method, i woulda had no problem with it. but being told it has to be that way… that dont work with me… your the one wanting something nott me… im good either way. and no point of arguing back and forth either.

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Actually glad i saw all this, im convinced he’s legit, Thanks for all you do @Master3004


Was very professional with me…

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(post deleted by author)

My suggestion is go find a seller that works the way you want.

BUYING and SELLING is a 2 way street. The seller needs to want to sell to the buyer just as much the buyer wants to buy something so bad. I have already had someone demand Paypal and told them I dont need to sell to them just to take Paypal or Venmo ( has they are the same company ) .

Master3004 is chinese and english is not his first language so he does not need to be perfect in his spelling or grammer. I have been to China 15 times in my business and social life. I am in their country I am the one with the bad grammer and chinese pinyin, but 99% dont hold it against me.

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(post deleted by author)