Martkist is giving away an entire masternode to the VoskCoin community for FREE! $600 value

Martkist Masternode Giveaway ($600)

If you want to potentially win this all you have to do is comment on this video featuring Martkist, about how many different coins you have mined (estimate), screenshot it, and post it here in this thread.

If that’s too much work, then you don’t deserve to win :laughing: – good luck!

Winner will be chosen ~15 days after this video goes live, here’s an example of what your submission should look like.

Martkist official website and coin information

Martkist masternode profitability

Martkist stacking and staking information

Martkist created AltWrap to turn coins into erc-20 tokens


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I probably should have taken more time to write probably :wink:


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This is the safest thing I’ve participated in involving crypto haha.

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I have mined about 50 coins and lost track after some of the coins were scam shit coins

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can u include the option international shipping as a gift in your voskcion garage sale ? !
crazy customs free even though we have cheap electricity its of no use here