Mining plans & 20kWh free power

I apologize for not being too clear, i’ll try to make some clear infos now.
I’m getting 56 panels of 360W each, for a total of 20160W.
Them aren’t going on my house roof but on a field, the cost overall its about over between $30-40k, but because I have a maximum expense budget of $60k I am taking into consideration of expanding to 84 panels which will bring it up to 30240W total, but lets stick on the base of 20160W as I am not sure yet on my decision to expand, but the 20KW one is already confirmed and under work.

As for the RX5700 them are branded ASUS, I’ve read some bad reviews online, do them differs really so much from MSI and GIGABYTE?

Several of my 5700s are ASUS and they perform just fine. I have MSI and Gigabyte GPUs too and they perform no differently. I prefer the reference style cards with the single blower even though most people say those coolers suck. Maybe that is true for gaming. The memory stays much cooler on those than any double fan cards I have and they have no problem keeping the GPU cool. Meaty is probably right about them being cheaper this fall but that isn’t a bad price. I used to be able to find them used for $225 but now they are almost full price so the timing isn’t the best.

You can’t trust the projected earnings of a ASIC miner. You MAY get that day one, but as they come online that profit shrinks. Some ASIC miners have come out and been obsolete almost immediately. Much due diligence is needed with ASIC miners, and you want to be in first batch. I prefer the RX 480-580 line, but they are getting old. It may be wise to invest a little more in the 5700 for better longevity. That said I have never fully lost a card mining. Out of 40 cards I have only had fan issues. All but 2 of the fan issues were from cheap hardware, unbranded chinese cards. With free electricity you will make good money mining, even if it is only for 12-16 hours a day. I know I am.
The roi bick mentioned above looks accurate. I was just running the same numbers for expansion. You can get that cost down by being frugal, like that set of cards you found. Another consideration is a doubling of coin price is very realistic. Which would take the roi from a year to 6 months. If you can afford it HODL your mining proceeds in a SAFE coin, and sell at a high. I have been mining for 2-3 years now, and I just sold my first crypto last week.
I would say go for it. Build a rig. If you like it build another. ASICS are not a no, just a be careful and do your research. Good luck.

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I see, thanks for the feedback.
I just finished ordering everything for the first rig, i spent about $2100 for everything, x6 RX5700XT, moba, ssd, cables, fans and cpu
I still saved some moneys I think, since i found those GPU for that price, what you think? is that the average price?

aww man buying XT might have been a waste the non xt are just as good and you can mod non xt into xt version for free

Yeah I seen that there is not major difference, however, the non XT would have costed me $435 each (normal price), I were only able to pay $306 each due to a discounted price from germany, taking into consideration i will never buy anything used, especially for the fact, that 1) if they sell it, means it is already blown up 2) means it doesn’t produce any profits 3) they upgraded their own ones. Let’s be real, the 1) case is most likely to happen, so I don’t trust buying used for a long term equipment. After all I plan to run those for atleast 5-7 years.
Everything I ever bought used, blown up after 4-6 months of usage, independently from what it was, so no more used stuffs for me.

About the rigs location, I were planning to put them in a box made just for them up on my dairy farm, however, even planning the ventilation etc, the humidity of the room I don’t think would raise up to 60% to avoid electrostatic, so I’m planning to put on an humidifier. The main question, on summer it’s no problem with a/c, on winter the temperature goes to -20c° should this be a problem? shall I plan an heater as well?