MOONLION - New Passive Income project

Moonlion is a very attractive and profitable project. By investing in the project, you will not only earn but also watch the creation of the Play2Earn, Move2Earn game and get unique NFT Heroes that will increase your income and allow you to use them in a future game.

This is the place where the unique NFT Heroes of Moon Lions mining resources of the “Stones of Life” and interact with the game ecosystem, earn up to 1.3% profit every day.

The entire developmental and earning process in the game is divided into several stage:

LION HEROES - seven days a week, mining income 29% - 35% per month + monthly bonus in MOLI tokens, depends on the purchased Hero. The ability to send a hero to your land is not yet available, so the Lions Heroes live for 6 months and provide everyday income.

The profit is generated because the hero mines the internal resources of the game and generates MOLI tokens.

The resources that the heroes mine are the Stones of Life.

The MOLI TOKEN is a governance token that has a limited stake (100M). MOLI is the main game token in the MOONLION METAVERSE metaverse. 40% of the emission of tokens goes to the gaming community!

LION’S LAND - Coming Soon . The world of MOONLION is a unique land in which you can become a resident and build your economy. The owner of the land will receive a high income from the Heroes living on it.
It will also be possible to sell land on the marketplace to other players. Land size:

  • 1x1
  • 3х3
  • 6х6
  • 12х12
  • 24x24

LION’S SHOE - Coming soon . Walk your hero through the metaverse and earn income in MOLI tokens.

Free 500 MOLI tokens for registration.

Each user who registers in the MOONLION project receives 500 tokens.


Buy heroes to mine you resources and income every day.

The minimum purchase amount is $100, the maximum is $10,000 per transaction in the selected cryptocurrency:


Each Hero is represented by a collection of 8 NFTs. The more expensive the NFT Hero, the more profitable it is in the first place.

To receive income, you need to purchase NFT Heroes because they become a game object and start generating profit.

The Affiliate Program

The affiliate program allows participants of the Moonlion Metaverse project to receive an additional profit of 14% for each deposit of your referrals. By inviting partners, you can earn up to 14% profit from all 5 levels.


The partner reward will be transferred to your balance instantly.

Also, for the turnover of partners of 1 and 2 levels you will receive a bonus.

Team turnover only from referrals of the first and second level Earn even more with the team. For each closed stage, get an active cash bonus to your account for withdrawal:

1 Stage - $50 000 Turnover = $1000 bonus + 25 000 Tokens MOLI

2 Stage - $ 150 000 Turnover = $3000 bonus + 125 000 Tokens MOLI

3 Stage - $ 400 000 Turnover = $8000 bonus + 300 000 Tokens MOLI $

4 Stage - $ 1 000 000 Turnover = $20 000 bonus + 500 000 Tokens MOLI

Invite friends and earn as much as you can (good affiliate program).


The regulatory period for depositing money from an external source is up to 12 hours. Actually, about 10 minutes.


Commission - 0% (no commission).


Commission for withdrawing funds from the personal account to an external service - 1%. The commission amount went to the liquidity pool to start trading.


The regulatory period for withdrawing profits is once a week on Saturday. But, the money “comes” in 10 minutes or 2 hours (depending on the load of the blockchain network).


  1. The most powerful technical part and unique design!
  2. The first, interesting and profitable Gamefi project on the market with a multi-level affiliate program, team turnover and bonuses. (there are no competitors).
  3. A well thought out concept of fluid development and a progressive launch of all the features of the game over several years (the load on the cashier is perfectly reduced).
  4. International project
  5. Average monthly income
  6. Potential for excessive profits due to growth in current sales of MOLI token and NFT in the marketplace.
  7. Apps are being developed for games on mobile devices, as well as on PCs.

That’s all you need to know to start playing. Good luck


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