My last ASIC and giving MILITARY DISCOUNT NOW TILL 7AM EST if its in the list its available LAST CALL .. CLOSED- still take requests

Have a updated list?


@Master3004 have a updated list ?

HEY @Master3004 new to the site just seeing this post is there any chance you could lmk if if you still have some to sell

in a few hours

always … direct suppliers line in shenzhen

if i remove an item or a list. then thats for a reason . if its listed its there… theres no limits to what u can get…

Awesome post buddy, thanks for support us veterans. Wish I saw this sooner! What kind of deal can we do on a mini doge?

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a bit hard to wrap up a good deal on a single unit less then 900 from supplier … but i can do something atleast. depends. and id still do somthing. for vets. with proof atleast active or retired , reserved , doesnt matter

Awesome, I’m a 2 x combat vet - fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan and lost half of my mind. Can we chat?

sure , and ty for ur service…

Hey @Master3004
Gonna see my stepdad thanksgiving. He’s big into crypto but not mining yet - but he wants to start.
He’s a vet and wanted a few L3’+’s at my suggestion. I’ll let you know his requests - if any.

Also I’d love one day to get a ST-Box to round out my Goldshell box set. I never see you posting those but let me know if you can get one. The L3’s and ST can be bundled - he and I can work out the funds. He can provide proof of service.

sure give me a few min . let me ask them real quick

Would you have any of the KD Box’s ready to purchase for the $3492?

your about a month late for that

Id like more info about a KD5
Are these units brand new?
How can we secure a transaction?
Is there any chance of a volume discount?
Are there any used ones available?

Hit us with an updated list Please

Interested! next steps…?

next step… check the recent list… x2 that price

we got used ones 2 unit

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