Sound proof box

I have a sound proof box - basic thing constructed of wood with sound reducing foam and holes - cost me £50 and is well worth the money as it reduces noise by 15dbs. It works for my old miners, but not for any of my new ones (double fans and heat being the issues). Has anyone used anything that works as well at reducing noise?

Yes, I moved my K5 (VERY LOUD!) to the garage :grin::ok_hand:

It was on my houses separate room, but it is super loud machine and I simply had to replace it to garage.

But I would guess that in order to make it silent you really need to cover the whole thing and make two pipes: air intake, air output. I heard someone trying to make water coolant for this, but I don’t know what kind of project that will be

The insulated 6" vent hose quiets them down a bit! I coupled that with a whole wack of acoustic tiles and my neighbors across the road can’t hear it anymore!

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you should post this in my Rig Band-Aid/MacGuyver thread lol! nice job!

Looks great. I’ve done a similar job with individual fan miners and need to find a way to attach the hose to the outtake like that for double fans, how did you fix those on?

Nice job :+1:

I am building own solution also solving sound and heat issues. I will post it when it’s done

I took some leftover 8" vinyl flooring I had, epoxied a piece at a 90° at the top and centered a 6" hole over the fans. Used ducting tape to secure vent hose to adapter and then as well to secure the adapter tightly to intake side of miner. Its a work in progress.

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Good detail thanks. And what is the reduction in dBs?

decibels unit of measure for sound

80-85db inside shed. Pretty consistent 20db drop when doors are shut. It’s a bit louder on the exhaust side as I just had the brilliant idea to steal the fans from two S9’s I had sitting around :slight_smile:

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