I’m Running a x1 GTX 750 Ti 2GB, Powered with an Antec 55W Power Supply, going thru “The Beast” to my Laptop.
(I Bought what I Could, Go Judge Elsewhere)
Been Learning AS MUCH AS HUMANLY Possible about Signing and Verifying Blocks of the Chain and Encryption.
Just Starting to Learn GitHub and Defi as Well as HHD Mining.
I’m Not Big on Bragging so I’m Not Going to.

I Would LOVE to make Money Doing this one day, We’ll See.
I firmly believe information is the True Wealth & Value behind all of this. I Know Mining, Block Chain and Encrypting is KNOWHERE NEAR OVER.

I Might Not Be a Big Dog in the Game, But I’m NOT Getting off This Ride!!

I Cant Wait to See all the Different things that can Merge and Bloom from All of this.

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