🔥 01/02/2022 new list -

Moved to da new one!

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Now KD2 also


Interested in the KD box. How much time for shipping? FL

shipping 115

Now Starting the First New Year Weekend Sale

ALL ORDERS OVER 10k get 10% OFF * Excluding Pre-Orders


What types of payment do you accept? Thank you in advance and happy New year!

the only one everyone should take and only take dealing with this … crypto

ending soon

ended discount, till later tonight.maybe. happy mining

Guys, do not order anything from him. It’s funny how he has the power to give discount left and right, anytime he wants. NO LEGITIMATE SUPPLIERS DO THIS. Please don’t fall for this. Whether he’s legit or not, time will tell. There are many on this forum that have waited over 5 weeks for their miners to arrive but haven’t received any. If you want to order from him, wait for others to give their honest feedback AFTER they’ve received their miners!

Oh and @Master3004 stop posting your L3 feedbacks….we’ve all seen that enough!

LOL thats ur opinnion and i gues

IS JUST A MAGIC BUBBLE sent by the tooth fairy . and i can make the price whatever i want when i pay the diffrence… quit hating that i make more in a day then u do in a year. … gues all the s19;s avalons kd boxes posted deliverd ur to ignorant to find LOL zz… wow! @cryptominernv

dont even know why im arguing this with u… everyone knows that ur just trying to keep people away for urself lol

jsut like u were selling a buncha KD boxes or whatever it was… i was doing l3;s boohoo

lol….just like what they say… time will tell who’s real and who’s not. I don’t care if you make more money than me, there are millions of people around the world that make more money than i do.

I hope the vosk community members look at what’s happening around this person and start making sound decisions!

or how about the part where i beat canaans prices review … roflmao

I Can tell… u statrted all this the day u wanted to try and sell lol… all good do ur thing

missed this?

This has nothing to do with me. Funny how you think of me as your competitor when you say you make more $ than what i make in a year!! Haha ok

anyways … im out … good luck to u

and everyone can thank @cryptominernv for no more discounts . ty bud

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Wow! Master3004 is so kind that he claims to pay the discount he offers out of his own pocket. LOL what a scam this guy is running. I feel sorry for all that fell for it and lost their money.

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everyone has their opinions. do ur thing. i got nothing to proove. they will come and answer themselves… and this is the end of this discussion and helpoing anyone that hasntt left a review from items received ! peace