$1.5 million minig farm start up

Hey guys, I have been following Vosik for quite some time now. I finally wanted to pull the trigger on my 4oo Acre renewable energy crypto mining. I have a budget of $1.5 million to spend on miners. So far I have (10) Goldshell
AL-BOX, (25) Bitmain Antminer S19 XP Hyd (255Th), and (20) BITMAIN AntMiner KS5 Pro. Can you recommend any other miners or suggestions for my project. Thanks

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What exactly does “400 acre renewable crypto mining” mean? How are you producing the renewable energy?
Are the listed miners included in the $1.5mil or do you still have that amount left?
How are you running the hydro units?


Just a few of my many many many questions


I would suggest sticking with S21 and L7s. L9s are also coming out later this month. If i were you i would consider the long term maintenance required. In my opinion the above listed miners are the easiest to maintain. S19s are also a good option at a lower price point. You can get 500 S19 Pros for $250,000 today, but those are used and will require more to maintain over time.