1 in 100 chance to win a Helium HNT Hotspot miner! READY TO SHIP!

1 of 100 chance to win Helium Hotspot miner READY TO SHIP!

FINAL EDIT! Congratulations to @dsaem and Wyatt!

@dsaem played a game of odds, had a 1/5 chance to win one of the HNT miners, and he did!
Wyatt R. won the 2nd Helium HNT miner with only a single entry!
I’ve contacted both winners, they have 72 hours to claim their Helium hotspot, otherwise, another winner will be drawn. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The terms are really simple, I bought a couple of extra Helium hotspot mining rigs and I JUST GOT THEM IN HAND!

EDIT the response has been huge, increased to 2 in 200

Yes… I have TWO Helium hotspot miners, synced up, in-hand, ready to ship on 915mhz US frequency.

EDIT #2 SOLD OUT! But… 1/3 of orders are pending processing on Etsy

EDIT #3 Etsy has suspended our account… I’ve called and filed a ticket…

EDIT #4 Etsy restored, ENTRIES ARE SOLD OUT, winners drawn ~7 days

Want to simply order a Helium miner right now? I recommend this one for the fastest ETA.

The terms are simple, these are 915mhz units, so you can only participate if that is the proper frequency for you, for example, USA/CA.
To enter simply order a VoskCoin silver coin on Etsy or reply here and I will DM you and you can finalize payment in USDC or USDT erc-20 stablecoins.
There are only ~200 VoskCoin Silver coins left, each coin purchased counts as an entry, if more than 100 are ordered I will raffle off the second RAK V2 Helium miner as well so 2 in 200 chance (same odds). If you have ordered a coin within the last week just show proof of that and you can be entered.

This Raffle will run for ~2 weeks, but if all 100 entries are filled by tomorrow, then the winner will be chosen and the Helium miner will be shipped. I have already synced these miners, they will be basically plug and play to start earning Helium HNT!

The easiest way to enter is to simply order a VoskCoin SILVER coin off our official VoskCoin Etsy store - https://www.etsy.com/listing/1034563053/voskcoin-silver-coin-999-pure

You can watch the full RAK V2 Helium mining rig video review here

Legal disclaimer, you must be 18 years old to enter also you can enter this giveaway/raffle for free by simply replying to this thread. 1 coin = 1,000,000 entries compared to 1 comment = 1 entry. Each coin is worth an additional entry. For example, 5 coins would be 5,000,000 entry weight and 1 comment is worth a max of 1 entry.
VoskCoin reserves all rights to adjust this raffle as needed, Etsy accepted too many orders and if you do not receive a shipping confirmation you will receive a full refund notification. The estimated odds are 2 in 200 but we have allowed people to enter via comment for a very low % chance to win, this means the odds are 1 winner per ~101 entries.

TLDR 1 coin = 1 entry but legally you can enter w/ a micro chance w/ a reply here.


Can i haves one Vosk?


What if we purchased one of your silver coins when you first offered them on eBay? Are we still eligible?


Order a coin, 1 coin = 1 of 100 tickets to win


yeah just provide proof of purchase


Thanks Voskcoin for this opportunity. I hope I win one!!!

Easy enough to provide.


Appling for entry into the raffle. The silver coins look fantastic by the way.


They are definitely a nice coin to hold on to.


This is awesome ! I hope that I can get a chance at it !!!

I am intrested in Buying HNT Hotspot miner.

Entered good luck to all​:raised_hands:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:

Ordered!!! Hope I win one!!

Please DM Vosk. I would like to order more with the $10 discount.

I would like to enter raffle! Thanks

So, wait we can enter free, and then purchase if chosen by replying here?


I would love to enter. I wanted one of these coins anyway.

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Good morning,
Purchase completed. Order 2081444876
Sent the coin to my Nephew :)… Hopefully I can get the winning miner for myself!

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So if you ordered on Etsy that is all that’s required correct? You mentioned that or comment here and you would dm for payment?