1 week into Crypto Mining seeking help understanding over locking and hash

Ugh , at 60 I decided to get into crypto. Setup a Prime 390-p with an i9-9900 cpu and unconventional Radeon W5100 gauge cards. Have watched most the Voskcoin videos but still need some understanding of bios and Gpu overclocking. Afterburner will not allow me to change settings, hashing raven at 39m/s. Anyone that is willing to teach an old dog new tricks?

I’m not sure about this particular card, but most of the older cards couldn’t be over clocked. The over clocking only started when AMD had an issue with the core clocks in comparison to Nvidia. If Afterburner doesn’t allow you to change the settings you have two choices.
-start Afterburner as Admin and try again, if that doesn’t help, then you can’t change the settings for the card.
-you might try to find out, if someone had a bios update for this card

Ty I appreciate the help

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