10 days of Mining Profitability in 2020 With Bitmain Antminer K5

Here’s the 10 day mining profitability update on mining Nervos CKB with the Bitmain Antminer K5 in 2020. Originally I was mining on average ~2700 CKB coins a day for the first week, but over the last few days I have been getting inconsistent mining earnings.

So far I have been mining on F2pool, I’m going to try Sparkpool for a few days and also planning to let NiceHash troubleshoot their CKB mining pool with our Antminer K5

Sparkpool is another mining pool where you need to create an account instead of just being able to mine directly to a coin wallet address, and when I was digging into their recommended configuration setting for miners I noticed they recommended deleting the stratum part of the config as well as leaving the password blank, as shown below.

Reference the official SparkPool guide on setting up your Bitmain Antminer K5.

After I made these adjustments to my Bitmain Antminer K5 config, the miner connected successfully to Sparkpool and began mining Nervos CKB.

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