$100,000 Crypto Token Giveaway 2024 RABBIT

Eagerly awaiting to catch the RABBIT.

Honestly… who doesn’t like free money? Those who don’t, can NOT be trusted!

Only weird people don’t like free money!!

Yesss cant wait :sunny: #cryptoLife

I need some RABBIT!!!

Im in! Send me some rabbit!

would love to join! do we need to buy to rabbit to be elegible?

From my understanding yes.

I want to participate in this airdrop!

Count me in please!

I am in! :slight_smile:

I’m sold let’s get this bread

You can count this crazy :rabbit::carrot:in!!

When the airdrop start ?

Better way late then never, I’m interested

Hope I’m not too late! i am definitely in.

OMG 100k, that grate

I am definitely interested! Thanks

People love rabbits sounds like cool project

Bought some Rabbit and def want to join! Awaiting more news with bated bunny breath! :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit: