100% LHR Unlock Nicehash QuickMiner!?!

100% unlock legit ???

Not so fast !
Lets look at some facts first

  1. Nvidia changed the chip ID from FHR to LHR example 3070 (GA104-300) to 3070 LHR (GA104-302)
    to this day we don’t know if it is actually a different chip or not
  2. the driver gets the chip ID either from the chip itself or from the Nvidia Bios to differentiate LHR or not
  3. we know from Phoenix miner a few years back, that you can over report the hashrate in the mining software
  4. NO one today (May 7th) flashed a new Nvidia BIOS
  5. NO one today installed a ‘special’ Nvidia driver

And now all of a sudden, we have a software solution to the unlock ?

Call me a tin foiled hat, but something stinks here ! Nothing of this makes any sense.

If this is real, we should see a 10% to 15% increase in hashrate for all LHR cards on Nicehack. I see no evidence of this yet. Yes, there is an increase in hashrate, but that could easily just because many miners now switch to Nicehack.
Nicehack’s margin of buying and selling hashrate is probably above 10% in profits. If you just fake the numbers in your mining software and pay out a bit more, no one would ever notice the scam. And since the number of LHR cards compared to the non-LHR and asics is most likely below 10%, no one will notice anything there either. And since we go to POS in a few months no one will ever go back and care, whether this is a scam or not either.

How do we verify the numbers of the mining software and what Nicehack is reporting ?
Yes, they are paying out more (it seams at least), but someone could have just payed them for the difference.

They are known as NiceHack for a reason ! What if this is just a fomo for the last few months of ETH mining to lure the ppl to NiceHack ?

No one can convince me, that this is just a Software fix, that was required to do this, unless Nvidia just stamped a different number onto the same chip !

The question we were trying to figure out until today was, how does the driver differentiate between LHR and FHR ? The answer could be either 1. the chip itself 2. the BIOS firmware or 3. the Driver itself. But since the Driver works with both LHR and FHR, the driver alone can’t be it ! So it’s either the chip or the bios or both !
NON of these 3 things got changed today !
NO f*ing way !

BUT, that also gives me a clue where to look for the lock ! What if it is a simple registry entry ?
If we have a switch in the registry for example FHR 0 or LHR 1 ? You install the driver and it gets the ID either from the chip or the bios and sets the switch for the Powerdraw ? No bios update or driver update necessary ! Has anyone ever looked at the registry ? (which may explain why this is only working in Windows). That opens up another issue though, how would you enable the lock in Linux ?

Nicehack’s website say’s "it’s a kind of magic’ ! Yeah right.
I call this a nice try Nicehack !

Nicehack knows that with POS, mining will be dead or at least dead for all the little guys who have to pay for electricity. I call this a nice exit strategy, before everything blows up !

I’m working in semiconductor manufacturing, and I don’t know a single chip manufacturer who would limit a power draw with Software ! I’m 100% convinced that the lock is somewhere in the BIOS of the cards.
No one in their right mind would ever do such a thing ! If the software fails you destroy the card, NO manufacturer, not even Nvidia would be that stupid ! I’m convinced that this has nothing to do with the driver either (since it’s just Software).

I still call this a SCAM until they make it available to the rest of the mining software developers !

For all those who have an LHR card (I don’t have one), go and grab the extra income for a few more months ! Then it isn’t going to matter anyway !