$1000 Asic suggestions

Before I get alot of comments saying this is unreasonable, I know it is, but I had a financier drop out so I am limited to $1000. I need to find a miner that makes at least $600-$1000. Used is fine as I am an Electrical engineer and can clean stuff up, replace some caps, resistors and such, however I can’t find anything particularly good/trustworthy on ebay and such.
Thank you all for your help.

not always super accurate, but this site is a good resource to give you earning estimates for most asics. https://www.asicminervalue.com/

When you say makes $600-$1000 is this per year?

If so you are looking for a daily profit of ~$1.64-$2.74. I would not look at an ETH miner at this time no telling if it will even be able to mine for a year particularly at that level of profitability.

kda miner will be the thing to look at.

Buy the coin with it. Faster payout at this point.

Most research I have done there are very few ASIC miners with a 12 month or less ROI and I don’t think any that do manage it are anywhere near $1000.