101 Newbie - I would like to GPU Mine

Can I GPU Mine on a 2000-2500 budget?
Where can I get the hardware without suffering price extortion.
What cripto/coin best to mine for a newbie?
Where can I find setup mining rig information?

Thank you

yes, you can! The trick is to keep the cost down the most expensive component will be the GPU. Try eBay for the MOBO, CPU, and memory, or better yet if you have old computer parts at home. Also make sure you get a gold PSU 850W-1000W. The most diffcult item to find will be the GPU. I like the NVIDIA 3060TI. You can get them for $605 at MicroCenter Stores. Micro Center haa weekly GPU raffels see if you have a store near you and stop in and talk to a sales person they will give you instructions on the raffel process. Check out https://www.nicehash.com/ for mining super easy application and you get paid in bitcoin. Here is a great setup video for mining rigs Noob's Guide to Building a $1,000 GPU MINING RIG ⛏ - YouTube

Thank you for the reply.

What specs do I need for a mother/cpu/ram to support several GPU for a mining rig?

Any luck on your first setup? I am new to this too. Looking to get my first rig as well.

Nothing yet. Hard to find higher end graphic cards. Break even less than Year.

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I have a rig for sale…

May I ask what you are working with and what you are asking?

8…3060, currently mining ETH. Looking to get $7,000… the whole rig is about 6 weeks old. I’m sticking with asic miners.