110% Newbie Question - Where Do I Plug In The Fans?

I’ve only had 2 GPUs so far and just added 2 more so I wanted to start running the fans in the back. My Veddha frame (used) came with the 5 fans across the back. The power cords for each of them is connected to 1 black harness, which itself has 4 prongs. Honestly I don’t know where to plug it in though. I tried for fun one of the 8pin plugs on my evga 1200w (the top row of 4) and not surprising didn’t work. I don’t see where on the mother board this would go either though.

Since I bought this used possibly the previous owner had some other type of power supply this connector worked with? If that’s probably the case, I’m still not sure where you connect 5 fans… tried looking for a video but fan connection info isn’t a hot topic.

Appreciate any advice, something tells me its completely simple.


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I have never seen a connector like that. It might have been for some specific power supply. It just looks like half of an 8-pin but it may be wired differently than an EVGA cable. What type of connector is on the fans? Your fans will only draw about 2W each so you can use just about any other adapter cable. Molex or SATA x whatever connector your fans have. You could use a couple of these cables or one of the hubs below. I like using the hubs.

@LexKnight It is simple…
See in your motherboard, you would have your CPU Fan to CPU_FAN Pin
Besides that you would have SYS_FAN pin, plug it right there

@MRV Nah, that’s not going to work. if you have a look at the pic he posted you will see that it is some sort of 1/2 8pin connection. It is not going to plug into any motherboard power connector.

@LexKnight You say you tried to use the power socket on your PSU? Was that a PCI-E socket or a Peripheral socket? The PCI-E and Peripheral power connectors are actually wired differently, with different pin shapes and are not interchangeable. I would try it on whichever one you haven’t already tried and see how you go.

If that doesn’t work then it’s got me stumped why the previous owner would have wired it up like that when there’s nothing to power it with!

please send more pictures if you can. i would like to see the fans and such.