11x 5700XT Rig Complete

Finally completed. I tried for 12 but I kept getting unexplainable memory crashes on the 12th GPU. Tried to figure it out for weeks but had zero luck. Anyways!

Rig is currently running 6 MSI Evoke OC, 4 Red Devils and one XFX Thicc. Combined hashing power is 611.7MH @ 1.25 KW. If anybody is interested in Hive OS Settings please let me know!!


That is awesome! Do you have a write up? I’m new and just started. I had never even heard of Hive OS before! I just bought an h110 pro board for my old 6700k it has about 13 gpus slots. I’d love to learn more from you! I also just bought a 5700xt from xfx. Best of luck to you! Are you after ETH?

This rig is currently mining ethereum on Nanopool using Phoenix Miner. Settings in image below


Wow, awesome rig! Thank you for taking the time to share it with me! Hopefully I can have some photos soon to show how you

What case is that? cards spaced far apart and you can get 10 in 2 levels - I like it a lot

Those are aaawave 6gpu chassis. 6 on bottom, 5 on top.

Can I ask you a newbie question? (sorry for my english i’m not mothertongue)
I’m new on cryptocurrency and actually I’m studying what type of cryptocurrency I should mine as well as which kind of graphics card I should buy… And i really liked your mining rig in terms of produced Hashrate,power consumption and investment.

So the question is:
why are you mining ethereum instead of ethereum classic? I see a lot of people mining ethereum even though, according to whattomine, using Ethash algo and your mining rig the earned value would be 560$ instead of 250$ produced by mining ethereum.

Thanks for your attention and time :slight_smile: I wish you to become millionair lool

My current monthly income mining ethereum is around 900 usd or about 30 bucks a day. ETC has had a lot of attacks in the last 3 months. Network security is trash lol IMO.

Interested in your setup, MB, memory, and HiveOS deployment and settings. Thanks,

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Rig Pictures?

The rig consists of 11 5700XT’s. I’m using a g3920 processor, h110btc mobo, 8 gb of ram ddr4 2400, rosewill risers, a 1600 evga g2 psu and a 1300 evga g2 psu. Chassis are the stackable aaawave 6gpu. The types of cards are in the first post. Oh and scroll up stand. My hiveos photo is posted above.

My Rig Wall.

Pretty rig. Thanks for the info. Have any issues sourcing the 5700xt’s?

Nice pictures, and be careful not to overload those outlets.

GPURisers.com has some nice risers

Not sure the H110 motherboard runs memory at 2400 without manual overclock.

hello sir need used gpu

hi thats awesome…

how much did you get thru on that setup?

did you bought a used gpu?

They are all plugged into outlets on separate breakers. Using some extra heavy duty extension cords to make it happen.

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Only 1 GPU on my 5700 rig is pre-owned. The rest are all new

hello, can i buy one from you?

Not selling any of my gpu’s. I’m building my farm right now. Check Ebay or Facebook marketplace lol.

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How are you making $30/day on 600 hash? I’ve got almost $400 and making about 11-15 max.