$12k to invest, where would your money go?

Hey Guys!
I’m just gettin into mining, but have been in the crypto space since last bull run.

I’m thinking of putting $12k into mining type stuff, but don’t really know where to start. I live in a small condo so I’m hesitant to get a few ASIC’s. But I don’t know anything about GPU’s.

Really my question is, is this the right time to start mining? When is the best time to buy mining hardware? Bull market? Bear market? Whats considered a good ROI timeframe?

My plan as of right now.
-I was looking at the Goldshell mini’s but they just sold out…Sooo
-Compass has Antminer Z17 for $5500 preorder for October. ROI is about 140 days. But who knows if current price will hold in 4 months.
-They also have the M31S+ for $5700 with an ROI of 240-ish days.
I like these options because it gets me in the game with little to no effort and I avoid the noise, and electric is half the price of my residential rate. And also BTC probably is safer than ZCash.
-Lastly I was considering buying a used L3+ for $1200. Which current ROI is 152 days. (I’ve seen videos of people running them in coolers the reduce the noise for my condo)

What do you guys think of that plan?
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!

P.S. - I already have 8 syncrobit on order. So i’m covered on the helium mining game. If i do ever get my orders.

Don’t sleep on the Z15 for around $8500. Only use 1510 watts and you can mine a bunch of coins with potential besides Zcash. Arrr,Zen, Komodo. It’s a good earner.

Robert, z15 for this price is showing ROI of over 300 days! I didn’t think anything over 6 months was a good investment. What am I missing? Currently looking at DR5 for the same price - are you suggesting z15 is still a better choice?

Did we both have typos?
I meant Z15, not Z17 (not a real thing) …
and maybe Robert meant $5500, not 8500…
$5500 is the price on compass for the Z15, but Sept preorder

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300 days at todays prices. But try to forward think a little. I use math and electricity as my guidelines. all machines are making less right now, i guess its a matter of what you’re feeling. Its hard to find anything with ROI in the 6-8 month range. I’m in for the long haul so I know the coins I mine today will hopefully appreciate over that span. But unless you get really lucky, most are priced with a 8-10 ROI. That Z15 was selling for 16K a month ago so to me youre getting a great deal. I also suggested that unit because of your living situation. Its quieter than most an only uses 1500+ watts. Hope this makes sense. But be careful if youre finding deals that ROI in 2-4 Months, Probably a scam or a junk unit!!!

There’s also the S19 Pro 110 for under 7900.

Thank you for pointing that one out too - I’m just trying to figure out why S19 or Z15 models will be a better investment than DR5. Someone’s input on this would be greatly appreciated :wink:

Where did you find the S 19 for under $7900?

AntminerS19J Pro 100T $ 5,217
AntminerS19J Pro 104T $ 6,250

I have hosted with them for years!

Yes, were did you find that price on a S19 Pro? Be careful tons of scams out there.