17 Z11's Rented with MRR

Ever wonder what it is like to mine ZEC with a Z11? Did you ever wonder if it actually throws hash like it supposed to? Well we fire up 17 Z11s using MRR (miningrigrentals.com) and show you what 2.4M/s a second looks like SOLO MINING ZEC. Remember SOLO MINING IS NOT RECOMMENDED.
With this 24 hour rental of 17 Z11’s we will be able to watch advertised hash rate from MRR as well as watch it on pool side.

We will need to be very lucky if we are going to snag a solo block with this amount of hash. The interesting thing is difficulty has changed since the recording of this video. You will need to check out the video below to see which way it went :slight_smile:

We have rented Z11s before and can say that the 140K/s is pretty legit from numbers on MRR as well as pool side.

We are using 2MINERS.COM as our SOLO mining pool since the Z11s we are renting are in the US and we can get on a US pool from 2MINERS so this should give us our best chance of hammering a block. We do enjoy renting some hash from MMR and there are many reasons to do it.

If you want to see more about us renting 17 Z11s please check out the video below.

what made you pick this coin?

the block reward that will pay the most if we find one for this miner that we rented. i did use the hash with this rental for solo mining and the block reward currently is 5 zec or $200.00 ish USD. SOLO MINING IS NOT RECOMMENDED. i do want to rent some ETH hash as well hear in the near future but once again because the block reward 2 eth is a good value if we find one (solo)

@MeatyMouse at the very end of this rental… and i do mean very end of this rental we ripped a block. we were very lucky but i do feel the Z11s we have tested do perform 140k/s as advertised.