1st miner purchase

Total new guy here !
Not tech savvy
Whats my first miner ?

Watch Vosk youtube videos to get a idea to fit your goals and budget.

Look into mining from your computer right now. It’s not really valuable or profitable, but will teach you.

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Your own computer is a good start while you learn.

I started using NiceHash on my computers and earn rewards in BTC. I earn about $1.50 per day if I run the mining 24 hrs. To mine on a Mac computer, you will need to dual boot and run the mining on Windows 10. If you have a windows computer that is relatively new, that will be even better. Some new gaming computers with high-end cards like the 3090 can earns $5 per day.

I’m relatively new to this as well and if I were going to recommend 1 entry level miner, I would recommend a Bobcat 300 and mine Helium. I’m consistently earning $13-17 per day on my Bobcat 300 with an outdoor antenna. I bought the new Bobcat from Ebay for $1200, over 2 times MSRP and should have it paid off in 4 months. The wait for a new Bobcat from the manufacture is around 6 months. If you buy used, the owner must transfer ownership to you and there are fees, so I would recommend buying new. Bobcats use very little energy too, like 5 watts.

You must do your research on the Helium Network, map your location on the map, and see how many other miners are in your neighborhood. You want to be earning at level 1.0 to get over $10 per day. If you live in a busy city, forget it, you might be at level 0.01 and earn pennies per week. You also may need a new outdoor antenna.


I’ve watched many of his videos
He’s got a lot of miners
Thinking about the bobcat !

What do numbers on map mean 1, 2, 3, 4?

Bobcat is not what I would go with as a 1st miner. Reasons below:
1-no supply, long wait time on the Bobcat miner, MNTD went to hell
2-high reseller cost, at least double of what retail cost is
3-have you done research on your local area for the projected profitability?
4-have you done research on your setup for maxing profits?
5-might not get “consistent” payout or results

Personally, try your PC first to get a feel for mining and consistent results. Then maybe an entry level ASIC. Pick a project you believe in and rock with it.

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The only reason I recommend a Bobcat 300 is due to electricity costs and the profitability of less expensive miners. One of my mining goals is to use energy efficient miners which will earn more over time - less efficient miners will become obsolete quicker due to their high electric costs. In my list below, the most energy efficient in order are the Bobcat, Matchx, St-Box, X5.

I have:

  1. Goldshell X5 = Profit $1.75 daily
  2. Goldshell ST-Box = Profit $1.60 Daily
  3. Matchx M2 Pro = Profit $10.98 daily (once you withdrawal tokens, your profit may drop to 50%)
  4. Bobcat 300 = profit $13.75 daily

What about this Linzhi Phoenix? Ever heard of it?

I want a Match pro !!!

Hotspotty and helium explore will help you determine if you can gather the recomended number of witnesses to maximize rewards and also check for topographical obstacles in your line of site giving you an idea on if or what aftermarket antenna may be warranted… I say all this with no experience but watched some vids and have 3 on order… understa ding the engineering behind the antenna was great for me and that helped me decide in how many to buy based on where I know I can locate them… best of luck!

Hey. Just got my Sensecap miner today, with the stock antenna. I plan on setting up tomorrow. I’ve watched numerous videos. Any additional tips would be appreciated.

Does anyone recommend connecting wifi vs ethernet connection?

Also, I’m using my cable provider’s router. Do I need a separate router or can I port forward on their device?

Im using wifi on my Bobcat and it works flawlessly. My reception / profit increased 3 times with an outdoor antenna. Try yours with the stock antenna and if your not happy with the results (witnesses - should have at lease 60), mine ranges from 60-102 depending on weather. I actually make more rewards in bad weather / storms since I have 8db outdoor antenna.

Also, your miner may take 1 day to sync with the network and another 2-3 days to register witnesses (15 one day, 20 another, 35 another).

Thanks for the feedback. I am setting up this morning. I wasn’t aware of the additional sync & register time.

I still have to figure out the port forward process.

With the Bobcat there was no need to do port forwarding, maybe your situation is different.

I’d tried the explorer/ helium
Couldn’t really work it
There is no hotspot above my property

I’d love to try a Bobcat
Can’t buy one anywhere without buying it with crypto
The ones on the local seller sites seem sketchy