2 months of endurance / Nightmare with voskcoins.co

Years ago i was interested to mine bitcoin at home and i was following Mr. Drew Vosk on youtube. Fast forward to October 31st then i stumbled this site voskcoins.co which i did my due diligence and i couldn’t find anything wrong with the company at the time. I contacted Mr. Drew online just to know if he was affiliated or partnered with them. I couldn’t GET a reply from vosk team then i decided to start with a thousand dollars. From the sites they have Drew Vosk as CEO and the company has been insured for $10,000,000.00. 7 days later i had my return plus profit. I tested the withdrawal process about 5 times which it worked great.

With small investment all together. I was told that in order to chose this type of investment i would need to transfer a minimum of $10000 from an external wallet to the contract mining. I was so excited and requested 2 different contracts mining btc and eth. The whole time i thought i was dealing with Vosk team. I was getting videos from voskcoins about buying 100 acres of solar panels…3 days later i was told from another manager that they need to create a dedicated ip address for me which i didn’t even ask for one. Then i would need to test the deposit and withdrawal process. While during the test somehow my vpn change to a different country such as Costa Rica. They blamed me for messing up with verification process. Now the blocked my account for an outsider breach. I sent them my identification and 20k to reactivate the mining contract. It was going back and forth… In total i ended up spending about $94600. This week i was told to invest another 20k before dec 31. After the deadline i will lose my money.

I would love to get my money back if there is a way. be careful out there guys. Voskcoins.co is a scam site. If you have experienced with and withdrawn more than 10000 dollars with them please let me know. I would love to get my money back.

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So sorry to hear this happen. There are so many scam sites out there. Please be careful and cautious. Though I don’t know a way on how you can get your money back, I do sincerely hope you get your money back. Loosing almost 100k is unthinkable. Wish you all the best.

Sorry this happened to you, thank you for sharing so this might not happen to other people. Not making light of your situation, just trying to warn other people…If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. I hope you have some good luck and recover from this.

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I’m sorry for your loss but there are a bunch of things that jump out at me that it is a scam.

I have just experienced the same thing, only I didn’t lose as much. I lost $5000.00 in a week. I opened 4 contracts and when I tried to reinvest after a week my account was frozen because they said there was a limit of only 4 contracts allowed which is not stated anywhere. I was told in order to free my money I need to deposit $5000.00 additional and reinvest into a larger contract. I am opting to not send any additional money as I realized I will never see anything back. I an sick to my stomach over this this as I didn’t have $5000.00 to loose like this.

This is unbelievable…some people spend a lot of time and money trying to win trust…con artists…gaining our confidence…then stealing from us. Why Drew Vosk had never replied to me until i lost my hard earned money to tell me that he has no part of it. Why Drew already aware of this scam site and done nothing. Specially the site your name and your youtube videos for their owns merits.

Oct 31st i contacted the Vosk team…no replied
Dec 22 vosk team finally replied…this site has to shut down asap. Drew Vosk your lawyers right now should be all over these. It is your name after all. I have all the transaction ids, all of the conversations save and some of the manager names. Just in case this will help for tracking and sue the hell of this scammers. I would love to get some or all of my money back as well. Thank you

Just looking at the site, the CEO name is Vosk Drew, there’s clear red flags with a lot of things on that website. Especially if you’ve watched his videos.


Good for you… i normally found the red flag and moved on however this time i couldn’t find any until after the facts. Just be careful out there guys. I am a day trader not a miner. First time i wanted to mine btc and i got scam.

This is the power of FOMO my friend. Thats pretty rough, I can’t say I haven’t almost purchased from a fake site before. I was lucky to realize it at the last moment. This stuff can take you on a ride you have to be careful and suppress that intense urge to jump in. When you’re eyes are bulging and heart racing, time to take a step back. Honestly with 100K why aren’t you mining on your own and avoid any chance of a scam? You could get a pretty legit setup

Yes yes. I could have sticked with what i had known. I saw Drew vosk name as the CEO and i thought to myself this could have been a good one. Specially i had withdrawn more than 3 times before small amount.

The reason guys for these reads. Be careful and Stay safe out there. I am doing good and hoping God still provide me with more.

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I am a stupid sucker for falling for the scam too. They at first are very nice .
You deposit your money for a contract that goes for 5 to 7 days with a guarantee that the deposit will be returned. When the time is up and you try to withdraw any money, your withdraw request gets pended. When you inquire about the pending they come up with a security breach excuse saying , well in my case was that because I had logged in my account with them once and just once with a different
ip address and for that the account is restricted. They said that I had to do an upgrade and that will free up the funds.
The upgrade they wanted me to do would cost me at least $5000. I said to them. If you cannot free up my funds manually what makes me think you can do it if I send you $5000? Also I did not sign up for
the ip safety option when I created the account . These scammers prey on some peoples lack of knowledge of the internet. They tried to get me to do a dedicated IP too… But , I told them and correctly so that doing the dedicated IP could give them full access to my computer.
It is shame but I am out the money.

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@Tommy6 Don’t feel too bad. If you’re in crypto long enough, odds are that you’ll get scammed - to a greater or lesser degree - at some point. We all have. Lesson learned. Move on. But now when your own internal bullshit-o-meter starts to register, you’ll pay a lot more attention to it than in the past.

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A very expensive lesson . Fortunately, I used crypto that I had a good gain from investing so the $ in real loss is about half. I have lost much more in penny stocks which is still a legal scam in a way. Then again I hear about the flood of fake crypto wallets and exchanges too

I fell for it to. What did you do about it?

Man this crap makes my stomach churn. Such vile pricks preying on us. I haven’t fallen for this one but I too have fallen into all sorts of bullshit traps.

Its kept me awake at night. I would have much rather the coin had fallen to zero rather than live with fact that some con artist whisked away some of my funds and didn’t deserve a single coin.

I wish we could do something but this is the fucked up part about decentralization.