2 used Z11 Coming soon

Hello everyone. I’ve decide to part ways with my 2 Z11’s. I’m at work right now and want to do this right. I actually was about to hit the post button on eBay when I said wait a minute…what about my boys on Voskcointalk.
Like I said I want to do it right so I will follow the rules and have everything posted tonight with pics and screenshots of the miner status page!! Just curious if there’s any interest if not they go to eBay. I’m selling and shipping from Lil Rhode Island. Hit me up once I get those pics up. I’ll try and put a video of them in action if it lets me. See y’all later on


Hi Robert, how much are you asking for these?

Hello Robert, I’m in Massachusetts right on the RI state line. Can I pick up in person?

Price will tell me if I will be interested thx for the oppurtunity

How much? ihservices@aol.com if you want to send price

Im crunching some numbers but the last 3 on eBay sold for

  1. 4999 buy it now
  2. 5000 buy it now
  3. 5250 auction ( this thing was ugly and beat the hell up)


If we take the average of 5K per unit on eBay the last 3 days… It would cost you $5500 with tax and shipping. I’d take 5K each with free shipping. No other “fees” like eBay. It saves us $500 each. My selling fee and your tax and shipping.

Payable in BTC

I will ship UPS or FedEx ( your choice)

next business day after payment clears.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m beat. Just pulled a double. I’ll answer any questions in the am.

Sold!!! Both units got scooped up. Thanks to all who messaged me privately. This was an easy transaction. BTC was already paid today and packages went out an hour ago via FedEx.
I have 2 more but not ready to part with then yet. When I’m ready I’ll be back

Thanks everyone!!