2 x Antminer L7’s (9.16Gh) for sale NEW

I ordered 2 x Antminer L7’s (9.16Gh) in August 2021. They were on December batch and should be arriving soon. I am considering selling them as I don’t have the electricity to run them now. I’m in the UK would anyone be interested ? £20k each. Can post pictures once arrived.

Did you get yours yet? Still waiting on mine…

Turned up today. I ordered them in late August 2021, so almost 8 months !

Which ones did u recieve? 9500, 9150, 9050, or 8800?

9.16Ghz, electric is way too expensive atm in the UK. Looking for somewhere else to host them.

I could host it here if you want to split earnings

Where is here and what spilt were you thinking ?

Please don’t fall for a scam from someone who just created an account less than an hour ago. I suggest you contact @AdamMoyers

He is a gentleman located in Kentucky running a huge mining facility. He will be able to help you out.


I had my suspicions. Thanks, I’ll contact Adam.

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Almost wonder if this is ol master :clown_face:

Lol I suspect everyone new and semi new as master

It could be. That clown has nothing better to do with his time lol

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we are just starting with mining rigs. I have 2 now. A KD5 and a L7(from Desertvalleyasics) and we have a KD6 due by the end of the month. I will be taking on a few machines for hosting purposes. I have to build a garage this summer that will house all the machines. I’m sure the guy in TX would be the best call right now, but I will charging actual cost of electric $.07 a KWH here and the hosting cost is still a part of the process I don’t have set yet… I’m open to what people are paying in other places… I’m going to have Star link this September and that’s when everything will really kick off… Just food for thought for you or someone else wanting their machines hosted… Thanks