20 Kd-box set up - Help on Power supply

I’m going to purchase 20 x kd-box miners from gold shell.

It is recommended 500w gold power supply for one (picture attatched)

Is there a way to stream line 20 of them than have seperate power supply for all?

And would a 24 port unmonitored ethernet switch from the modem be suffice to power all Ethernet connections.

Thank you

Theres a few issues with this plan. First kd-box is sold out, so you would have to buy from coinminingcentral.com. They are listed for $3000 each. so you would be paying $60,000 for 20 miners. they run at 1600Gh x 20 you get 32,000Gh or 32Th. Your paying $1,875/Th before switcher and PSUs.
With the same $60k you can buy 4 KD5 from coinminingcentral.com that would get you 74.8Th. Thats 2.34 times the processing power for the same price. Also these include PSU so there is les expense and maintenance involved.

In summary Mining is cool you should do it, but your plan is stupid, you haven’t done enough research.
If you bought Goldshell KD5s you will make 2.3 times the profit with the same investment.
DYOR Good Luck!

Also there are 10 scam websites posing as each legit company. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!
www.goldshell.com” is the legit manufacturer, anyone else using their name IS A SCAM!

LOL. I had to laugh at “your plan is stupid.” At least you didn’t call this person stupid.

Anyway, you don’t know all the reasons why this might work better for this person.

Also, you never really answered his question - which is something I think you should do if you’re going to call someone’s plan stupid. Just doesn’t set up for good community in here.

If anyone could help answer this question still (including you Blacknight2u), I would be most grateful.

Kind regards,


Well first off - this is a 6 month old post and I’m not sure why you’d want an answer to someone else’s question but here goes…

First, for power, the best way for that many Goldshell Box miners would be to run Goldshell’s PS or Bitmain APW3 PS. Either one can power up to 4 KD-box miners at once so you’d need 5 of them.

Second, mining doesn’t use that much internet bandwidth so all 20 on one 24 port switch would be just fine. If it was a concern the user could set up a stratum mining proxy but I don’t think that would be necessary for just 20 miners.

As for my take on this - the main reason I could think of for going with several KD-box over a single KD5 would be sound. The KD-Box are almost silent. But the upfront cost would be higher.

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Hilariously it does not sound as “stupid” as before with a KD5 going for 55-66K. Less heat and noise justa tad more power.

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Right, but it scales somewhat with the KD’s cost 3x as much now too.
As of today 20 KD-Box would cost you around $200k vs 4 KD5 around $260k.