20ft container with 135 spots going online this weekend

We are full at our site, but the site I manage for another group will have 135ish spots available starting Monday September 25th. We currently have 430 miners at this site.

The rate is $.085, but it fluctuates with the power rate. It could be slightly lower or higher depending on the power rate. For what it’s worth power rates are trending down now and appear to stay that course into 2024. I’ve been tracking day ahead LMP and the September avg is lower than June which is a good sign.

Rate $.085/kWh, $50 setup fee, 1 year contract, 1 month security deposit.

If anyone needs hosting or has questions let me know.


All, I have used Adam exclusively since the great Bolt migration. He has been very good to work with. I highly recommend!

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Not sure where u are but rates aren’t going down and they won’t. It’s little thing called supply and demand and there more demand for power now than ever before. Also how in the world you don’t have an electrical contract is beyond me I have one as a small fish. Also if that rate goes up 1 cent there no real reason to mine you’ll never roi before a new and better asic comes out. You go take that money you were going to spend on asic buy btc and do monthly btc payments at same cost as electricity and you’ll make way more money then mining at .09kw

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you make a positive comment on anything. I’m super happy that small fish smokey can get a power contract wherever you are from. We will be at 2.5MW and are still too small for that in Kentucky.

Power rates are dropping in Kentucky, sorry they aren’t dropping wherever negative small fish smokey is from.

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No 99% of time I talk is because I know what I’m saying I just don’t talk out of my ass like most. Sorry u can’t get contracts but I know many small to medium fish across the us that have contracts so it’s just not me like u claim. And ask any real respectable miner and he say your out of your gos dam livid mined if your going to mine at .09kw and maybe up. Also u must be somewhere in small town since one of first feeds on Google is a 18% increase in a Kentucky electrical company. You must be one of the lucky ones where you are the only one getting lower rates but I must not know what I’m talking about right

Your 18% and 8% numbers are cool. The day ahead LMP is trending down and the rates are following. This site has seen a $.01 drop since January.

You are referencing a power provider that services an area 400 miles to the east on the opposite end of the state from me. “Kentucky Power” does not mean power for all of Kentucky lol. So yes, you don’t know what you are talking about.

Lol funny thing is second picture is for the whole state of Kentucky. Just stating facts that you can just Google just little bit of research is all u need. Plus I know a member in here who also started company that signed contracts with electrical company right by u for 1/3 of price and same amount of power. Your customer have to sign a contract so they’re stuck for year even if u get hiked up to .12. Unless your getting charged .04 and your charge customer.09

Did you even read the article for the second picture? I looked it up. “Kentucky Power” provides power for Ashland KY which is on the opposite side of the state 400 miles away. Now power provider with that name exists in Western Kentucky. You are stating alternative facts. Not actual facts. Who is the member in here that started a company close to me? I’d love to talk with them. To my knowledge I’m running or working with the only small operation in my area. The rest are 30MW-150MW+.

Sorry ment first pick it’s all of Kentucky but once again not gonna argue any more provided enough info for any smart miner to move on. Who in right mind would sign contract that will most likely increase as time goeon just like I’m going to for another couple months since same bullshit as normal is here


My last response to you… no one in western Kentucky has a rate under $.03. So you definitely don’t know anyone in my area with a rate 1/3 of mine. Core Scientific is 30 miles from me with 150MW+ with a direct feed from TVA and doesn’t have a rate under $.03.

If a hobbyist miner is paying $.18/kWh where they live, we are happy to help them save 50% and will continue to do so.


True statements :point_up_2:t5:
From personal experience on this subject