240v to 110v US

Any ideas how to run (2) L7’s 9500 on 1 bedroom luxury apartment (lease renting)

"Utilities may be used only for normal household purposes
and must not be wasted. You must not misuse, or otherwise
excessively use (as determined in our discretion), any electrical
outlets or other utilities provided by us in the common areas."

"Unless authorized
by statute or by us in writing, you must not perform any repairs,
painting, wallpapering, carpeting, electrical changes, or otherwise
alter our property."

Am I screwed? :joy:

100% screwed
Can’t run those machines on regular 120v . Have to get special plugs that can take the wattage and amps.

Those special plugs needs to be rewired I’m assuming by electrician?

… and lack of electricity is not the only problem. you should consider the heat and noise!

I assume a

does mean a condo with some neigbors next wall?
Because of the heat your would need to keep the windows open. with open windows the neigbors will go mad about you because of the noise.
So the missing power is not your only issue here.

No condo, just 1 bedroom apartment. Yes I have 2 neighbors one on each side. Seems my electric panel does have 240v maybe 208v since its 3part building. Was gonna get cancelation defectors and push the heat out living room window.

I could submit request for buildings electrician to stop by and see. Worst thing is say no lol And ppl that work in my leasing building are complete c()nts…

Definitely going to be loud

Try looking at Gold Shell Mini Miners. Low cost to run and completely (keeping ASIC’s in mind) quiet.

as others have said you need 220v at just over 15 amps! These won’t run on 110v. And they are as loud as a vacuum cleaner running.

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Do you have a dryer outlet they are 240v 30amps. If so that can be used as your power outlet to power your miners

Also there are a bunch of video’s on how to make sound proof boxes. Some people use coolers, other build boxes from the ground up. Also look on pot growing sites for heat mitigation, and to a small degree sound proofing, i.e. light bleed.

Oh, also continue to look on tube for how to videos on rewiring that outlet of yours. Don’t give up, just take a baby step back, reorganize, then blast foward!!! Good Luck Dude/Dudett’

Maybe a “coffee table miner” build it in side…Oh man you can have some real fun with this.

Definitely can’t rewire of I will be forced evicted lol.

I do have washer/dryer hookup in my apartment but I wanna put my Acis in living room by window for air circulation. By chance there a cord extension?

Also my electric is 0.08 but estimating it would be 0.11

@JoeJoe yes I do in my closet washer/dryer hookup

Should be able to use that dryer hook up.

Think I’ll start a topic “Gorilla Mining” How to type stuff…

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