3 Gpu Rx5700xt Mining Rig Problem Help

Hello im new to mining
My setup
H110 Asrock
4 GB Ram DDR4
PSU Seasonic 850W
3x 5700xt Saphire Nitro
Windows 10 home
Driver Radeon V. 20.8.2
Nanominer v1.9.6

My problem is i have 3 gpu’s but only 2 gpu’s are mining

The nanominer show’s me 3 Gpus but i only get the Dagfile from Gpu 0 and Gpu 1

Bios PCI E are on Gen2
Onboard GPU enabled
Onboard sound Disabled

And the miner keeps starting new after few minutes of mining over and over again

GPU0 Failed to allocate buffer For DAG though device has enough memory. Try to Increase the size of system virtual momemory using bigger swap file.
GPU 0 Open CL call error -4(351)

How can i fix this problem pls help

Kind regards

Increase you virtual memory (paging file size) in Windows. Here is a link to a guide. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-virtual-memory-size-windows-10 Initial size 20000, Max size 30000 should be more than enough.

You may want to consider ditching Nanominer and just using Phoenix miner pointed at Nanopool. It may be faster and definitely has a lower dev fee.


@bick0012 you think Phoenix miner is better than using Claymore?

@Jabroni For 5700s, yes. For 4xx/5xx, no. I’m not sure about other GPUs.

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Thanks alot you improve my hashrate + it works know

i take your advice and ditch nanominer pheonix its much better