3 x rtx 3080 testing (zotac trinity + 2 x nvidia fe)

We have our hands on 3 RTX 3080s for your testing pleasure… that is right! Not just one, not even two, no. We have 3 RTX 3080s in our RGL and we have been bringing you everything we learn about these GPU. Most of it LIVE! These 30 series GPU are next to impossible to get at retail price. And believe you me we have tried. We even have been battling over at EBAY for these things. We have had two “cancelled” orders and a few other things we will save for another time. We have been in the trenches with you, the community and we are glad to be here. As with you all we have tried NEWEGG, BEST BUY, and all the others…

We did wait up all night on release night trying to get these. We have tried on websites constantly to get these. We know what and how… we also know why we, the community can’t get these 30 series GPU.
We are going to save more on that though for another thread at another date and time. We did go ahead and secure a ZOTAC TRINITY RTX 3080 first. We were so pumped to be able to bring you some ETHEREUM benchmarking with it.

This ZOTAC TRINITY RTX 3080 is a beast of a GPU. We knew right away we wanted to get this RTX 3080 mining as fast as possible. Our chariot of choice was HIVEOS. We have used HIVEOS for quite some time and we know a lot of other community members who use HIVEOS as well. Just because we had one of these in hands does not mean it was easy to get it hashing. A huge thank you to everyone who was LIVE with us trying to update the drivers.

One thing not a lot of people take into account IMO is when these next gen GPU come out the dev’s of our favorite miner programs as well as the OS operators have not had a chance to play with these. Things like driver updates and miner program updates take weeks if not months. With that said we couldn’t wait that long. We did spend some time in HIVEOS DISCORD and they did give us a huge hand in getting the latest drivers updated which were different in LINUX vs WINDOWS.

We spent hours LIVE, and when I say hours it was by far our longest LIVE STREAM trying to bring this GPU to life hashing on HIVEOS. We unfortunately were unsuccessful but we learned a few things. One was we needed to upgrade all of our thumb drives (usb) to SSD. When updating drivers on HIVEOS it can take 20 to 30 minutes with a thumb drive vs 2 to 5 minutes with a SSD.

So as you can see it has been quite the journey. Not only has it been a very crazy time trying to get our hands on one of the RTX 3080 but now we are having software issues. The majority of the issues were user error for sure BUT… there still are a lot of software issues in HIVEOS as well as in the latest drivers we are using to pilot these bohemoths. We did it though. We got this GPU hashing and brought to you some benchmarking in HIVEOS. I do feel these numbers will get better as there are updates to miner programs like PHEONIX MINER.

We were able to get it dialed down in HIVEOS to 96MH/s + @ 210w. This GPU would run stable at HIVEOS. You were able to watch us do this LIVE. We also had a kil o watt in place so we could see power draw at the wall. We also have done a few other bench markings with this ZOTAC TRINITY RTX 3080. We still have a lot of testing to do with this GPU. Any one who has been following our channel for a while knows we love to to test. So we needed to test a few of these RTX 3080. So that is what we did. We were next able to secure a NVIDIA FE RTX 3080. This is the flagship model of this release IMO. Still though we were not able to get this GPU from a retail outlet. The only way I currently know to be able to get a RTX 3080 or RTX 3090 is through EBAY or the second hand market and you will see a 2x to 4x + retail price tag.

As you all know it is still near impossible to secure any one of these 30 series GPU. There is no way to get two at retail. We knew it was important to get some real world numbers out to people because in our opinion these GPU are going to continue to be scare and especially scarce at retail. This is where the fun really starts. We did then track down a NVIDIA FE RTX 3080 to throw into the mix. And of course you know it was time to get things into a GPU mining rig. HIVEOS was at the helm once again.

There is quite a difference in the size of these two RTX 3080. Out of the gate it was obvious that the ZOTAC TRINITY RTX 3080 was better at cooling than the NVIDIA FE RTX 3080. The NVIDIA FE did handle heavier OC settings than the ZOTAC TRINITY.

The NVIDIA FE RTX 3080 does have a different feel to it. It is smaller and it does only have 2 fans vs the 3 fans on most of the others in the series. It did not take long for us to be able to get 100MH/s + out of the NVIDIA FE RTX 3080. All of this at 230w. A huge shout out to everyone in DISCORD for your help. Especially done12many2! This OC wizard was able to get some serious hash with some serious memory OC into this GPU.

Oh, we forgot to mention we had secured two other ZOTAC TRINITY RTX 3080 so we could see how the quality was across the board. Both of these deal through EBAY fell through. Once again, a different day and a different thread. We still knew we needed to test two of the same types of 3080 so we went for it. We gripped and ripped another NVIDIA FE RTX 3080 for testing and bench marking. This way we could put the rumors to bed as far as all the issues people or seeing. OR COULD WE?

So, we have battled the bots. We have fought scammers and price gougers on EBAY. We have secured 3 RTX 3080s and we are bringing you the testing LIVE. We have had some great success as well as some serious failures with our LIVE STREAMS lately. You the community have been great in helping us along the way. I hope you all realize how much that means to us because we are able to help others in the space just like we were helped! So the first thing we did was get this GPU hashing…

That is a work in progress. We did start to see issues with the 2nd NVIDIA FE RTX 3080 right away. It just would not hold the power limit we were setting. We will be digging into this more as well with a lot of other testing and bench marking of all of these RTX 3080. Another thank you to all the guys in the BRANDONCOIN DISCORD. There has been a lot of great help coming from that corner!

We are able to get these RTX 3080 into our RGB gaming/editing/mining rig. Per community request, which is something we do quite often we did get these RTX 3080 hammering away with bench marks on NICEHASH. NICEHASH is something we have not used a lot so you will us fumble around a lot with it as well as MSI AFTERBURNER. MSI AFTERBURNER is what we are using to control our OC settings.

We will be coming back and digging into NICEHASH a lot more here in the near future. We are excited to get some good numbers there. I do want to let the ZOTAC TRINITY RTX 3080 hash away and see what the day to day earnings will be. We have not had a lot of time with MSI AFTERBURNER but we will be getting a lot more testing and bench marking on ETHEREUM as well as all of our other favorite algos.

We are going to do our best to get the best information we can out to you the community on these GPU. Remember this though… we are not sponsored by anyone so we are doing this all on our own. These numbers we show you may not work on any GPU you get. There are many variables that can cause different results. Also remember these are our views. We hope that by some of these test that you are able to see you are able to decide what is the best route for you and these next gen RTX 30 series.

You will have to follow our journey with these two NVIDIA FE RTX 3080 and our ZOTAC TRINITY RTX 3080 as we battle to get them hashing together. We will have hours and hours of LIVE STREAMS and hours of bench marking for you. You can follow our journey here:


Enjoying all the 3080 YouTube streams. Some great info. Thanks for taking the time to do them. :+1:

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Thank you for checking them out!

I enjoy the accurate essential mining data. Hope you get better results with that 2nd FE.

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