30 Day Review of Liquid Cooling my Mining Bitcoin Farm!

I’ve been liquid cooling my Bitcoin miners for a month already, so uh, was it worth it investing thousands of dollars into immersion cooling Bitcoin mining equipment like the DCX BTC mining kit? Let’s review… Start mining yourself today here - Evergreen Miner v2.5 VoskCoin Tails Edition

Hazmat gloves I used in the immersion fluid - https://geni.us/e3hMTy
Watch the original DCX immersion mining install! https://youtu.be/tZ3Q4cK6S2w
VoskCoin Mining Farm Tour video playlist - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4dnwHTjcf-8SXMDAoL7-XFkV6b4XUH3j&si=BD6oDOgXluoXOvnM
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Immersion Bitcoin mining is better than air cooled mining but is it really worth the cost, because it adds thousands of dollars to bitcoin mining farm infrastructure costs, and dealing with the oil used in immersion mining well it’s messy and kind of gross lol and what if you get a leak or need to drain the tub like the DCX Immersion mining enclosure?? Let’s review how my DCX BTC liquid cooled bitcoin mining addition to the VoskCoin mining farm is going 30 days later.

Learn more about DCX immersion mining options - Home Immersion Mining Systems - DCX Liquid Cooling Company
Contact BMA Enterprises crypto division here - BMA Enterprises - Crypto Division Home Page

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 30 Days of mining with the DCX immersion setup
01:03 Why would you use liquid-cooled mining?
03:00 How much power is it using?
05:40 Opening up the immersion tank
08:47 How to service your immersed miners
11:22 A leak?
13:07 My fault or the unit’s fault?
15:12 Immersion mining is cool!
15:55 Expanding the immersion mining operation
16:40 Immersion crypto mining is impressive tech!
17:43 Solar power crypto mining?
18:19 Costs per miner for immersion
19:04 Finally using the mining shed for mining!
21:00 Bitcoin needs to pump in the future
23:02 Using Braiins custom firmware for more power options
24:30 Leak no big deal?
25:06 What did this sunflower say to Tails?

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30 Day Review of Liquid Cooling my Mining Bitcoin Farm! DCX VoskCoin Review

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A fix for leaves on the dry cooler could be to just put a wire mesh frame box over the intake side, maybe roughly the same size as the cooler if not bigger, that way the cooler can keep pulling enough air through until you clean the leaves off. Easy to make one with small chain link mesh fence, cut to size and twitch the wire together

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