30amp pdu. Hard to find?

Does anyone have links to 30amp pdu? Or are they like miners and scalped? Vosk said go triplite but I cant find any in stock or new. Only used on ebay.

Amazon has them in stock

This is the 240V unit. I’ve have 4 of these for 4 years. No issues with them at all.

Yeah those are what I’m trying to find
Seem to be sold out everywhere. Except for 1 on Amazon for 500 bucks. Thought they were around 250?
Every website says they’re backordered

Just type PDU into your search engine, you will find them, and from legit sellers.

Just look on ebay for a ‘monitored Tripplite 30A Power Distibution Unit (or just PDU)’ so you can see the amp-usage.

Always check the seller, and avoid any with less than 20 reviews, but I got mine for under $300 shipped

Right on.


Not sure if you’re still looking for PDUs, but I managed to pick up a box of new Tripplite 1230 units from an business auction recently.

They are new, unused and in original (slightly worn) packaging. I’ve seen them go for $200-$300 in auctions, but I’ll let you have as many as you want for $100/ea. (plus shipping) I think there are 13 or 14 of them.

Just let me know if you are interested. We can work out details if serious. I’d like to help out a fellow miner and unload these at a good deal then have them sit in my shop too long.

(I did get a ‘few’ Eaton ePDU G3 Basic items also, which could be available if needed.)

I’d rather transact direct instead of giving eBay 30% for the process but up for whatever you feel comfortable with.


Pm sent
I still do need pdu.
As long as we can do it safely for both parties we can for sure talk

I’d take 2 off you

I am just starting out and waiting for the rigs. I would like 2 also.

Did you buy ? I need 2 of them

Hey everyone - Thanks for all the responses to the post. I should have thought to post here before.

I’ve replied to everyone that has PM’d me about the PDUs. I have sold a few and have a few being processed.

If interested in buying - please PM me and we can go from there.


Digerati is legit. Got 3 in the mail. Brand new
Work great.

Thanks again man!


i use triplite

Thanks @Mitchmd for the kind words. I have 2 more Tripplite PDU1230 models left. If anyone is interested, let me know…they’re going quick.


I second Mitch. I received my 2 PDU’s from DD yesterday.

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Good job dude! Offering us these PDU’s I hope it worked out for you.

you can try CDW its an Canadian retailer they have some in stocks