330.000 new miners by the end of the year will cause up to 85% less profit

I did read that there will be 330.000 new miners by the end of the year, so first we get this halving next month and then 330.000 new miners, and that will cause up to 85% less profits to be made.
I even read that some people canceled their orders, so is it still worth to order and wait 20 weeks?
Sure the price of all coins can go up, so that could compensate it all, but then HNT needs to go up 7-8 times it’s current vallue, so i like to hear some opinions on this.

Dont use linear Math. Remember that not all posible rewards HNT alloted where provided.

Remember that there is a defined space to if all your close neighbours get miners, you will be splitting rewards. Then not necesarilly taking up more coins, but dividing your rewards.

Also many bulk orders will stand in a warehouses, while they distribute to host houses/buildings.

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True and we don’t know the worldwide allocation of these either. I am not worried yet, I have two on the way and I was scammed on another. So I need them to at least pay for the scam loss!