3D Printed ducting designed for Asic Miners


We are 3D Print Shop 4 U. https://3dps4u.com

we design and print ducting that is designed to mount onto an ASIC miner to help you control the hot air and reduce the noise some.

We have provided ducting on eBay now since Jan 2018 and have a 98.7% positive feedback rating.

We have just expanded into our own website off eBay, but still operate on eBay.

We normally ship within 24hrs for smaller orders, please allow extra time for a larger order.

We have several designs for current ASIC miners including the Antminer S19 Pro or Goldshell KD5 etc, we also carry 120mm and 140mm Ducting.

I’ve just had it confirmed that my normal 6/7/8" Double fan design will fit the new Antminer L7’s.

  • Click Here for 6" *
    Click Here for 7"
    Click Here for 8"

  • ( I am hesitant on selling the 6" for the new L7, The air flow restrictions are untested) The 7" and 8" have minimal restrictions on the air flow that it wouldn’t be a factor. As for the 5", Please if you are putting these on a L7 buy a bigger ducting system. I am sure the miners would overheat if you used the 5".

We have just finished playing with a new material which is Nylon infused with Carbon Fiber. Which can withstand heat up to 155C/311F. We currently have very limited supply of this material and it is expensive compared to PLA +/PLA Pro. but it can withstand much higher air temps. as systems and technologies improve.

We can design custom ducting for specific machines if we don’t have a design currently for a miner. All it normally takes is one quick measurement.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Sales@3dps4u.com

We are on Facebook @ 3D PS 4 U

eBay Store located 3dps4u on eBay


Welcome, I’ve had products like these in the past, and they are great…I really like your solution for the double-stacked fan units. Can I make a product suggestion? Something like this for the bigger ducting sizes. That way in the summer months the heat can be sent outside, and in the winter, kept inside: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Deflect-o-Extra-Heat-Dryer-Heat-Diverter-EX12/100167911

I can vouch for this company. I’ve bought multiple 8" shroud from 3dps4u on ebay. Great product.

Hi Dra2120,
Thanks for your feedback.
Amazon carry the deflector and its not that bad of a price $49. i honestly don’t think i could design and print one for less than Amazon sadly.

personally i used
yes its not as pretty, but does same job.

Thank you for your kind words and business!

Hi, I have purchased two shrouds so far and they work great, Thanks! But I have noticed there is heat coming out of the PSU unit on the KD5 or CK5 as well. Any chance you can make a shroud that would account for that as well? Thank you!