3rd GPU Recommendation

Hey guys,

On my 1st mining rig I have 1 PSU (Revolt Pro 1000) with 2 GPU’s: Sapphire Radeon RX580 & ZOTAC RTX 3070.

I want to get a 3rd GPU but if I get a too powerful one then I’m worried this won’t because shortage of PSU supply.

Now would a 2nd RTX 3070 be just fine or should go something less powerful…or do I just get rid of the RX580 and just put a 2nd 3070.

Any recommendations I would gladly appreciate.

3070 run at about 130 watts, so you should have no issues running a third card unless your radeon pulls hundreds of watts. You could likely run a whole 6 card rig with the psu as long as they arnt monster cards.

So sorry for the late reply!

Thank you very much as I just got this and working swell buddy!

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