4 Brand new Antminer Z15J Miners for sale

I am new here, and I understand there are a lot of scammers out there so please bare with me as I am very new to this.

Also if this post is not in the correct place instead of deleting the post please advise me where this belongs

I recently purchased a pallet of “Undeliverable mail/packages” and inside were 4 brand new Antminer Z15J bitcoin/equihash miners. Still in packaging/boxes. These items are not in my realm of expertise so I am looking to sell them. Is anyone interested? Not really sure what they are selling for except for what I see on ebay. I have photos of the miners on request. I am located in the USA and below is the link to the ebay listing

Price on ebay is around what ive seen them selling for but please contact me with a different offer if interested

Price updated on eBay, more reasonable now haha thank you for the information