4 s19’s or many many more s17’s?

Hello. I have been thinking about getting into mining for a long time. I’m finally taking the plunge. I’m building an immersion tank from aluminum to run eventually up to 100 Antminer S17’s or 19’s. Everything is hard to find and I’m considering starting with 4 S19’s or 2-3 times that amount of S17’s. I budgeted $60K for machines to start with and looking for the highest ROI. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I heard that S17s are really unreliable. Also electricity is the main factor here. I bought lots of S9s cause I got so low electricity prices which shortens the ROI.

S17 are known to be super unreliable. I’d recommend the S19J pro, better efficiency and higher hashrate

I second that on the s19. From the vast amount of research I have done the s19 will put you into ROI faster even though the machines are faster, unless your KWH rates are crazy low!

S17 is very unreliable. I bought a used one and it die just a little after 1 month. I didn’t not break even. My store tells to mail it back but there is no promise that it can be fixed. Get a s19.

yep hope u got a shop close by for the s17

I find it interesting that many people have not done any research on this subject. If you are mining with air cooled system that I would agree that the S19 is a better choice, kinda. If in air you are better off with a T19 and then over clocking it since you would get between 95 and 115 TH out of it. It is more bang for your $.

But you are doing immersion. So I would suggest going with the S17s instead. You have to do certain things to prep a miner for immersion and there is a great deal of additional work to do this to an S19. The S17s take less work. The unreliability of the S17s come from bad soldering and some bad other parts. The heat sinks would fall off or there were problems with the connections causing the machines to
Overheat and breakdown. Running an s17 in immersion takes care of these production defects and overheating issues that plague these machines.

The cost per TH is one of the biggest driving factors for picking what to run. I would say the S17s in immersion will make you more money in the long run, you can also overclock them and get some fantastic hashrate from them.

Thanks for your insight. That’s exactly my thought process but I’m so new to this I didn’t know if it really worked that way. How do I know if the S17’s that I buy are in good shape with no damaged solder or heat sinks?

ull know because we know… they all are SH*T

hence the $

Are the T17s as unreliable as the S17s? The price of used T17s is really appealing if you have cheaper electricity.

It is more about having it tested and make sure the hashrate is what is should be. Like a proof of life video bit instead a proof of hash video.

You have to clean them and do other things before you can immerse them. With most S17s you do not have to remove the heat sinks or thermal paste. This saves you time. But issues with any miner may occur from the shipping process.

If you search for it you will find videos and informations on this. I have been told by many that once they are in immersion it eliminates the common n issues with the S17s