4th GPU Mining Rig or ASIC Miner

As the subject title says, that is the question!

I’m not sure which to reinvest in, at the moment I have 3 GPU mining rigs which are all hooked to NiceHash whilst I also wait for my NEBRA Indoor Miner (Batch 4).

I currently have a budget of £2000 (US$2750 approx).

I am wanting to break the mould and mine something different like Dogecoin, EOS, Ripple which I hear you can mine on Unmineable.

Happy to hear suggestions and see where to go.

Thanks everyone! :smile: :uk:

Not all that experienced, just bought my first (and only) mining rig last month, a Mini-DOGE from Goldshell. Everything has been seamless and simple so far. Rig arrived quickly, I turned it on, connected to ProHashing.com and it has been earning ever since with no downtime other than when I decided to physically move it and had to temporarily turn it off. I’d say it is as advertised.

I did hear some hype on this but I am trying not to use eBay or Amazon for that mini doge coin miner because it was scalping prices.

It has a power switch too? Sorry that sounds dumb of me but that’s handy to know as I have to move my rigs in the next couple of months if I get it in that time frame as I’m having work done on the house.

Cheers for the recommendation :smiley:

There is no power switch. :roll_eyes:

However, screw Amazon! Go to Goldshell.com, sign up for their newsletter. They will tell you when new product is available. Make sure you don’t go to any other website, there are scams galore. No scalping that way.

My bad on the power switch thing! I misread as I was trying to multitask! :laughing:

I’ll keep an eye out for this and sign up to them, they only accept crypto payments if my mind serves me correctly?