5 Coins to 5 Million

Scam or Real?


That’s a marketing funnel bro they are going to bait you in with some free information and then sell you the more in depth info. They want your email so if you don;t buy on the first time through they can lure you back in. You can find tons of free vids on Youutube with people making predictions about the next altcoin to go to the moon.

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Your were correct they wanted $2,500 for a 2 year subscription to their Palm Beach confidential issues and recommendations and a list of the 5 coins. I did not purchase but I did get the list of the 5 recommeded coins.

yea I had to go through a few funnels myself before I was able to spot them lol

I tried and tried to figure out the stocks that marketing funnels always tried to sell me and then I realized that the best place to get advice was from a serious community of people who actually put their money where their mouth is and want to help you.

Mind sharing the 5 you found?

there aren’t 5 imo I am closely watching ADA Cardano and LINK Chainlink I think both could dip lower before another big move up or they could breakout from where they are now and go higher but I am pretty confident if you just put a small amount that you are comfortable losing down on them and forget about it one day it will make you some real solid gains.

I hear you. I put $25 in XLM, TRX, XRP, and BCH a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time investing in crypto. I don’t know what I’m doing for real, just kind of taking a leap into the deep and hoping to hit big while I learn. I have a couple of antminer s9s that i havent hooked up yet. Debating on what I should set them to mining. Any advice?

The number one thing that will cost new traders the most money is over trading. The second is trading with too big of a position. If you feel like every time you sell to close a position it reverses and goes your way if you had less risk in that trade you might have stayed in the trade long enough for it to reverse before you took too much heat and closed it.

I would just point the S9 at Nicehash and see what kind of income I got after 24 hrs then see if its worth staying or finding something better. I switched my GPU’s to Nicehash today and so far I am earning quite a bit more than if I had just went through another pool for the coins I am mining.

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