50k Budget, New to Mining

Hey all, I’ve been interested in mining for a while now, used to GPU mine but nothing substantial. I have around $50k USD saved up, and I’m ready to start mining like a big boy. Does anyone have any advice on what machines I should purchase? I’m looking for something predictable, and that will hold its value. I was looking into the Goldshell AL box, but from what I can tell, once the bitmain AL3 releases, the AL box will be practically useless. Any help is appricated, thanks all ; )

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The big boys mine BTC. If you want predictable, BTC is the closest you will get to that. Buy $50k of S21s or S21 pros.
If you want to gamble a little do something like K7s for ckb.


You might be able to get 13xS21 for $50k
Find power at $.07 or less.
Let’s say everything stays the same as right now since we can’t predict the future.
You clear roughly $130/day profit. In one year you have cleared $47,450. When BTC goes on a run, you break even in under a year.

Obviously just opinion and definitely not financial advice.

It’s a quite different league to where I am, but if had $50K, I would get @AdamMoyers or Terra to host a bunch of ASIC’s they support - but I would definitely do 60% BTC and 40% Alts. K7, KA3, KS5. If AL3 isn’t a million dollars, people that get in early generally do well when Bitmain decide to destroy all the competition (KDA for example).
Hosted means you don’t have to worry about the noise and the heat and the neighbours if you are residential. Although that is part of the fun…

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Hey, Thanks for the response. From what I was seeing online, the S21 were 5.5-6k each. Do you know where I could find for the price you were saying? Thanks ; )

Edit: I noticed I was looking at the S21 Hyd, not the Pro. Do you think the Hyd is more worth it than the pro?

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Thanks for the reply. So go 60% on S21, and 40% KS%? What do you think about the IceRiver Ks5L?

You need to see if you can find hydro hosting and what the rate is to make that decision.

Just noticed Terra will not host iceriver asics anymore due to build quality. Worth keeping in mind if you intent buy and have these hosted


L9 also being released in May. L7 has been steadily profitable and you could always mine btc on it with NiceHash

Can get you them @4100 ea, or $4100 plus 3% with c.c.

I’m just throwing my opinion out here. Don’t start with hydro, if you are going to host it. If you watch vosk’s videos hydro is a PAIN. Probably best to stick with air cooled.