5111.store | Legitimate? or Scam?

Does anyone have experience with 5111.store?


Their price seems decent. They are based in Hong Kong. It is a trusted vendor from https://www.asicminervalue.com/

Any input would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.

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I hope they are not a scam.

Alot of people are relying on ASIC Miner Profitability page to screen thier Trusted Vendors designation as legit.

If some one gets scammed by one of thier Trusted Vendors then there would be no point in trusting ASIC Miner Profitability in general considering they are vouching for the Venders on thier Web page.

Plus I am about to purchase 2 KD5 from 511 to diversify my portfolio.

I will definitely post here my results and my personal experience all the way to setup and operating status.

It seems the KD5 may be used and refurbished.

I will update.


Did you make your purchase? I was about to buy from them. Any luck?

I haven’t pull the trigger. Sending them so much money without knowing if it is legit is hard. Nexxlevelcoin is a new user and he responded to the post immediately. Seems odd to me.

Yeah, it’s difficult to tell. I wouldn’t just buy 2 kd5’s and hope it’s OK. Hopefully we find out sooner or later, I’ll be waiting for results

Same situation. They say they take Paypal, sometimes, so I’m waiting for a window where they do take it that way there is some recourse if it is a scam. I emailed back in forth they said they will start using PayPal again in 5 to 7 days.

6% markup for paypal though. Thats a lot more. Weird thing the site seems to have started 2018 but there is no review anywhere. The address goes to some office building in Hong Kong which I don’t think is the mall in the video. The ower I believe is a french person. The phone number on the website is a french number. There is 2 or 3 video on youtube. 2 shows the store which I don’t think is the correct address, maybe is closed. 1 video shows, I think the ower which I have no idea what he is saying. I think he is speaking french. Some things don’t add up but they do respond on the chat. And they are a varify seller from asicminervalue. My guess is the owner lives in france and he is running the business remotely from hk. Or he is just drop shipping from his supplier. Or this is a scam.

KD5 is $52,999 each on the store. Who pays that kind of money to find out of it is a scam?

Not sure. Anyone experienced with the store can give us a feedback would be great.

let me know how it goes

Any update on this?

I’m subbed for an answer also. This site is listed on the majority of the miners I am looking at.

im suprised people dont read this forum more lol

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Without anyone verifying. I end up paying more and buying it elswhere.

Can you share where you bought from? I am looking to buy as well and was considering 5111, they have been good with communication so far.

Aliexpress with credit card. Already received and don’t need to pay anything upfront.

Ok thanks, what do you mean you don’t need to pay anything up front?

with Credit card. You buy with your credit. I don’t have to pay a cent until I get the statement which could be 30+ days. So I am mining and making money before I paid anything. Paying with crypto, you basically pay cash. Your money is gone and you have to wait more than a week before you can make any miner with the new asic.

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Hey guys! Any update on 5111? I’m planning on getting a KD5, it’s a lot of money and so really worried.

Or does any one have a link to a seller on alibabba that they trust?

I came to this page, looking for answers to the same questions we all seem to have … “Is this seller a scammer or is he real” … “Does anyone have experience with this website?” …
I am distrustful by nature, and I question the veracity of everything that is presented to me, and this is no exception.
I have been looking for a real supplier for weeks to buy my first ASIC machine, and it has been a very complex task.
The number of scammers looking to get your money easily is really impressive, many seem completely genuine, however, it is enough to do a detailed search to find the answer … 99% ARE scammers.

In this particular case, 511.store, from its name to its CEO seem fake.
for instance:
1st If I want to pay with VISA, it says “(Disable for some days)” which does not make any sense for a “legal” one.
2 ° If I want to pay via transfer, it is indicated that it should be done to “HIGH TECH E SHOP LTD”, and if we investigate a little about this company, we find that its CEO is: Dimitri PETER
Director at High Tech E Shop LTD.
You can look it up on Linkedin, where you will see that it claims to be in Shenzhen, Canton, China, but “Dimitri” is Caucasian … weird isn’t it?
Then he says “Working and Living in China for more than 10 years”, but he doesn’t seem to be more than 25 years old … weirder still, look at the picture of him.
Finally, in all the searches I have done, I have not been able to find any real data of successful sales, or satisfied customers.
My recommendation is to be very careful if you want to buy there.

Well, this is my first post here and I hope to continue participating and letting you know if I finally manage to buy my first ASIC.

A hug from Chile.

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Thank you everyone for your replies concerning Mining store 5111, I think like everyone else that has posted, I am also concerned about purchasing from mining store 5111, I have not read anything about anyone who has actually purchased from them. If anyone has purchased anything from them please post if you received the product.
Thanks for reading and hope everyone has great success!


While I have never bought from Mining Store 5111, I spoke with someone on another forum who seemed legit, and he said he ordered from them. Said it shipped in about 11 days, but arrived earlier than the shipping estimate. Said though he was told he was getting a used item, it was “more banged up” than he expected. But that it worked.
My experience with these stores is if they only accept crypto, and are selling for 40-50% less than other stores who take credit cards (or equivalent), who have bona fides and reviews and history and so on, avoid them. But I’ve bought many machines from all over the world and can say that a wire transfer that goes unanswered from a somewhat reputable country usually results in arrests or worse. They aren’t going to risk the government making an example out of them (unless it’s crypto, which is almost untraceable). So, the risk isn’t so much in being scammed as it is in the store getting shut down because of China policy, or something else like that that happens in the interim between your sending your funds and their shipping the item.
Anyway, this is my first post here as I was checking them out myself. Not sure if I’ll place my order as I’ve since found a private owner that wants to sell his KD5’s to me… But I will keep 5111 in mind because, as has been pointed out in this thread, their prices do seem to be good.