5700XT memory Temp

It seems like no matter what the settings, my memory temperature doesn’t want to stay lower than 94C.

Is this something to be concerned about? If so, how can I reduce it?
GPU temp is hovering around 52C, GPU (Hot Spot) 61C, 49.5 MH/s, 111W

current settings are -cclock 1200 -mclock 1750 -cvddc 750

BIOS is stock.

I was getting a higher hashrate with other settings but the mem temp was around 98C.

Edit: this is an MSI Gaming X model if that makes any difference. I read something about MSI MECH editions having problems with thermal pads, not sure if mine has the same.

I have two 5600xt same problem. I was able to get them down to 80 and 74 by undervolting the memory and setting the fans to 50%.

do you remember the undervolt setting you used? I tried -mvddc 800 but it didn’t help.

I actually got the settings from here


EDIT: Thomas_Schell’s post. But i set the fan to a fixed 50% vs temperature of 65

Just to follow up with this in case anyone else searches for it:

I contacted my vendor who wrote back and said:
“No worries here, these memory modules get very hot, but it’s well within reference design.
If it wasn’t getting into the 90s, I would think something was wrong, haha.
You will only see thermal throttling on these if they exceed 110C. Keep an eye on them to target 98 +/- a few degrees based on ambient temperature.”

I’m now running this with PhoenixMiner_5.4C using -cclock 1300 -mclock 1800 -cvddc 725 -fanmin 35 and am getting around 54.9 MH/s at 57C GPU, Memory Temperature seems stable between 102-104C

Still seems awfully high to me but I guess I’ll just keep an eye on it.

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Yeah amd made a comment about it also. Something about the new way they track temperatures. I just think running that hot reduces the life expectancy.

I have exactly the same issue with my msi 5700xt gaming x…im getting 94c when running nicehash or hiveos…are u able to fix it? Pls give me an update…thnx

not really, I fiddled a ton with the BIOS and the best I was able to get is a consistent 98-100C mem temp running at 55MH/s, pulling (supposedly) 115W. someone on a discord forum said it probably has hynix memory and there’s nothing that can be done to improve it significantly. If I reduce the hashrate and/or set the fan to an annoyingly loud speed it will drop the temp proportionately.