5700XT or something else?

Good evening everyone!

So it seems I got lucky from a giveaway I entered and received an Asus RX 5700 XT ROG Strix for free!

So here’s my dilemma. It’s the only GPU I currently have to throw in my mining rig I know those have the ability to mine, what… $40-50/mo in Ethereum? It’s value is around $460USD brand new. Should I set it up to mine, or possibly sell it for around $450 and buy some P106-100, RX 570/580, ?? Something that I could get 2-3+ of and have a better monthly payment from?

I see all the posts about flashing bios, hiveos, Linux, overclocking/undervolting, etc, and as comfortable as I am working on computers and stuff, some of that is a bit foreign to me, and I know Nvidia cards are almost good straight out of the box.

Any advice?


You have to (or at least should) overclock/undervolt Nvidia cards too so if you aren’t comfortable with that, I don’t recommend mining and would just sell it. I would never buy this particular card for mining due to the price but, if I got one free, I would just sell it and replace it with a used 5700 for $300 or less and pocket the difference. You won’t really get a higher monthly payment from 2 x 580s since you will just be using more electricity especially if you don’t want to BIOS mod. If you can get 3 of them used it might make sense but now you are taking up a lot of rig space. The closest Nvidia GPU to the 5700 price point earns 35-50% less. I would never consider buying Nvidia if you are mining for profit based on current conditions. That could change in the future.

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I know most overclocking and undervolting is different, so that’s where I’m not confident. I was looking for a general “undervolt to this and overclock core by X amount” versus me just sitting there for an hour jacking around. I know how to do it, and I should have probably made that clearer, I just don’t know what a good setting is for mining on it.

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1250 MHz core, 750 mV, 1850 MHz memory, 55% fan is where I would start with a stock vbios. You should get 52-53 MH/s in Phoenix on Windows.


Thank you bick, I’m going to hopefully get this thing cranked up this weekend and I’ll post some screenshots!

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Don’t feel bad having only 1 GPU to mine with. Yes, I have my rigs and different types of GPU’s, FPGA’s but I’m always testing the hash rate of various coins to enter the data in profitability tables such as this one:

And, for that purpose I keep a 1 GPU mining rig setup on my desk. I can switch coins fast and mine different algo’s too. So, good luck with your mining…I understand the 5700XT is a mining beast.

So I finally plugged in my single Asus ROG Strix RX 5700 XT and here’s what I have:
Windows 10 Pro
BetterHash using Claymore to mine ETH
AsRock H110 Pro BTC
Celeron G3930T
8GB DDR4-2133 RAM

Currently mining with no overclock or undervolting

49.20 MH/s
65-66C temp

BetterHash is showing an average of $91-96/mo income (minus electricity of course)

So it looks like I need to play with undervolting and overclocking as well as saving to buy more of these cards!

Nice work getting that beast running! Nobody is going to beat your 0 day ROI :slight_smile: Get the gpu undervolt and underclock going as soon as you can to keep the heat down.


@Carl_Bishop Yeah get the overclocking and undervolting done as soon as you can - you will see an enormous difference particularly in the power usage. As a target, you should be aiming for a minimum of about 56mH/s at a power usage of about 80W. As every card is different, you might be a mH or two higher and your power might be somewhere between 75-85W but that is something you will need to determine for your card through tweaking.

How are you intending to manage your card settings? Are you planning on using software such as MSI Afterburner or the AMD Adrenalin package or will you be putting settings directly into the software configuration files? Or does Betterhash allow you to tweak settings (never used it myself).

Once you’ve decided how your going to tweak your settings, come back and ask what settings others are using so that you can have some ideas where to start and how to move towards the best settings for your card.

As an example, I run a rig with 6 x RX5700 (non-XT) and I tweak it through Adrenalin. I set Core at 1275mHz with power at 850mV and Memory at 1825mHz with power at 850mV. On Phoenix this gives me just over 52mH/s at 74W on each card.

I’m running both of my 5700xt’s at…1380 core…760 v…and mem at 1820… Both get about 52mh/s on eth…520h/s on Nimiq and about 25mh/s on Kawpow… excellent cards👍

I played with the settings a little in adrenaline, but even going just a little at a time, it kept jacking up and shutting down. Maybe I’m just not good at the undervolting and overclocking.

I had the same issue on Windows when I was trying to overclock/undervolt my rx580s recently. I got some really good advice from the people on this site. I ended up dumping windows, installing MinerOS, clicking in the settings and jumped right to 92.1 - 32 Mh/s on all cards. I was really appreciative for all the help this community gave me.

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